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skype & VPN

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Jan 6th, 2012 at 9:54am  
I need net access for my work, I live in rural tuscany and currently have 680 kbs access via an increasingly unreliable telephone line - I've been doing all the research I can on alternative net access modes - tooway (open-sky in Italy) seems the best alternative.

No one around me uses tooway so I can't verify the usefulness of the service - by it's nature this forum is full of problems with the service ..... this worries me a bit as I need to spend quite a lot up-front to see if the service works ...

Could someone confirm:

1. that skype works with tooway - I understand there is a delay of about 1 second for the sending & receiving of data

2. that I can use a VPN - I'll be using one of the private non-professsional packages

I noticed that someone here recommends not attaching the tooway dish to a roof - I currently have a dish on my roof - it works fine for satellite tv channels - should I get the tooway dish fixed to the wall??

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Reply #1 - Jan 6th, 2012 at 11:52am  
Hi I can confirm that Skype works perfectly , in fact on my own Tooway at Home my friend uses it for speaking with his family in USA and has complemented how good it is , VPN on all Satellite has to deal with the physical Latency over the Satellite if you use an SSL based rather IP sec you will get a better result as IP SEC is not accelerated .

We can say with confidence the Tooway is extremely reliable , suitable for self install and needs no Satellite meter , if you would like Guaranteed the best price and a Company who is rated no 1 in Europe for Satellite Broadband then we are here and ready at your service as we have been for the last 65 years !

For more information please contact or visit our web site
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