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Avanti Hylas in Spain, Portugal and UK

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May 4th, 2011 at 2:52pm  
One of the first installations of the new Avanti Hylas Ka band satellite systems in Spain.


Prodelin 74 cm (94x67 cm) Ka dish and a Hughes 1W Ka ODU.

On the chimney the Prodelin 74cm dish pointed to Hylas-1 and below on the wall a Channel Master 120cm dish pointed to Eurobird3A.

The small (60cm) dish on top of the roof (TVRO) is pointed to Astra receiving TV signals.

Hylas-1 33.5W, Eurobird3A 33.0E, Astra 28.2E.


UK IP address, this gives you unrestricted access to UK websites like BBC iPlayer and ITV iPlayer etc. from any location within the Hylas KA footprint.

Hylas systems ready for install.


Broadband internet and phone via Hylas-1, visit our website for more info click here

Ku, Ka and C band VSAT sales, install and maintenance Worldwide.
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