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Introduction of Inclined Orbit Satellite Services

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Feb 6th, 2012 at 10:13am  
Introduction of Inclined Orbit Satellites

- Most satellites used for IP telecommunications are located on a so called "fixed" geostationary orbit
- Cost for capacity lease is very high.
- Our system use so “inclined orbit satellites”
at the end of their service
- Capacity cost becomes affordable.


Positioning into Inclined Orbit
Geostationary satellite adds up about 0,8° per year.
The operational expectancy life is estimated at about 5 years for an inclined orbit satellite.


With tracking system it is possible to follow the inclination and the evolution of this inclination over a period of time and especially during those 5 years of operation at the end of the satellite service life.

If the orbital position of this new satellite is near to the position of the old one, remote re-pointing is directly done by our device.


The advantages of our solution:

-       Resistant to weather disturbances and space.
-       Transmission inviolable encrypted information.
-       A simple implementation of ground tracking stations.
-       A transfer of responsibility to the customer
-       A secure remote control and ground stations 24/24H 7/7 Days.
-       Connectivity simultaneously or alternately on several satellites.
-       Migration to another satellite in minutes without the intervention of a technician on site.
-       Maximum choice of satellite or as needed.
-        A fleet of satellites that provides renewal over the long-term capacity Telecom.
-        Unbeatable value price.
-        Independence from the satellites with the option to re-pointing distance
-        Revolutionary patented technology innovation, and produced by companies with standardized ISO

The coverage areas of Satellite service in AFRICA region:
...  ...

For interest parties, please contact me at patricklam@mcm-global.com for more information or quote.

Patrick Lam
MCM Global Ltd.
Skype : skypatricklam
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Testing here:

...  ...


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Reply #1 - Feb 6th, 2012 at 7:13pm  
Which satellite(s) are the two tracking dishes aimed at and where are these dishes located ?

The signal level graph refers to Artemis.  What carrier was being observed?.

There are two coverage maps. What satellite and beams do these refer to ?

I have put your images larger so I can see them better.

What price do you pay for the leased transponder capacity ?

Please give a link to a description of your tracking controller and pictures/specification of it.  Does it need beacon tracking receiver ?  Do you have an iDirect hub or similar ?

Best regards, Eric.
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Reply #2 - Feb 7th, 2012 at 5:07am  
Hi Eric,

Thank you for your inquiry.  Pls. see below

Which satellite(s) are the two tracking dishes aimed at and where are these dishes located ?
It's only one of our previous project image.  It is connected to our signed inclined orbit satellite, and there are some option to choose the satellite.

The signal level graph refers to Artemis.  What carrier was being observed?
It is observe from one of our satellite internet connection to test the stability and quality of connection.

What price do you pay for the leased transponder capacity ?
For price detail, please provide more information (Type of Band, bandwidth, Node Location, setup requirement and connection type) to  patricklam@mcm-global.com  , normally the price can have up to 40% lower than market price.

Please give a link to a description of your tracking controller and pictures/specification of it.  Does it need beacon tracking receiver ?  Do you have an iDirect hub or similar ?
Yes, it need a tracking controller which is a small black-box and also the tracking antenna.  One of the sample can see my attached image.  And other equipment can be used own or our suggested vendor.
The below image also show the simple connection diagram
, hope can get you more understanding on it.


And we are currently specialize on provide C-Band Ku-Band SCPC point to point connection start from 1Mhz-16Mhz ; 36Mhz-72Mhz)

For more information, please send to my email patricklam@mcm-global.com

Good Day.

Patrick Lam
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Reply #3 - Feb 10th, 2012 at 4:31pm  
hi Patric;
I was really interested, to see your answers; the link, the carrier, the price etc..

thanks anyway
good luck
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