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Idirect 3000 infinity modem stuck on Redboot

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Ex Member

Apr 5th, 2012 at 8:25am  
Dear Mike / forum team.

i have received a new modem which have corrupt Linux, as it does not boot in falcon also on redboot we are not able to execute / load the linux,  then i  tried to recover the modem by doing the following steps but Modem still stuck on Redboot. Kindly do need full by repairing its software.

Steps performed.

Installation of Linux

1-      ZImage E.xtarcted from  remote_3XXX- file.
2-      RedBoot> load -r -b 0x01600000 zImage
3-      RedBoot> fis unlock linux
4-      RedBoot> fis erase -f 0x50060000 -l 0x00100000
5-      RedBoot> fis create -f 0x50060000 -l 0x00100000 -e 0x001600000 -r  0x001600000 -s  0x00100000  Linux
6-      Power Recycle the modem.

Root FS recovery:

1-      Download RootFs.bin for infinity Modem (3000 series)
2-      load RootFS.bin -v -b 0x00020000 -r -m tftp -h
3-      fis create RootFS -b 0x00020000 -l 0x00E80000 -f 0x50160000 -e 0x01600000 -r 0x50160000

after performing these steps modem still stuck on  Redboot but now we are able to execute linux  by following commands

1-      RedBoot> fis load linux
2-      RedBoot> exec -c "root=/dev/mtdblock2 console=ttyS1,9600 single"

After that Modem is in /# mode

Then i tried to recover the modem by installing  the following packages (linux_2.4_bsp- & remote_3XXX- ) and download a good known option file through winSCP. But again i stuck on Red boot every time when modem was rebooted or power recycled.

Kindly advise for resolving this problem.
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