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C band symetric SCPC Internet service on IS 902

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Ex Member
Ex Member

May 19th, 2012 at 3:04pm  
service area: most part of African continent, e.g., Angola, Zambia, Congo,Somalia, Ethiopia, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Guinea, West Sahara.

satellite: Intelsat IS902 (62E)
beam: E/W hemi
frequency band: standard C
polarization: circular
Teleport location: Hong Kong

IP backbone connected: Verizon
access type: SCPC (3/4, TPC,8PSK )
service type: Internet access, VoIP termination
satellite channel bandwidth available: 512kbpsx2 (full duplex)
requirement on remote site(client end):

a. Outdoor section: C band dish ( not smaller than 3.7m), circular polarization, 10Watts BUC.
b. Modem: SDM300A, or CDM 570 or CDM600, with 8PSK TPC coded options.
c. Interface: v.35 (layer 3) or IP ethernet ( layer 2)
d. Protocol: IP
meanwhile we provide premium A-Z VoIP termination to our client , also our clients may get 4000min/month free talk time to US/Canada/China.

Anyone is interested in our services, pls email us: simon.chan@sinocomsys.com, alex.yip@sinocomsys.com.  We will offer you the most competitive price.
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