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is SCPC_rx_errors still relavent with idx2.0 hub?

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Jul 6th, 2012 at 4:12pm  
I have been using the NMS database nrd_archive.nms_remote_status_[0-5].scpc_rx_errors as an indicator of stations with down link problems due to weather, miss-pointing, bad X-Pol, over temp, etc...  In version 10 of iMonitor, reference to this column seems to be eliminated.  I have a few remotes with hundreds of these errors in the 20 second measurement interval and yet seem otherwise clean by iMonitor standards.  Testing one of those remotes revealed horrible X-Pol of about 10db isolation.  So my question: is there a better indicator of downstream performance?

A little background:  I feed this query data into a home grown cross pole analyzer.  A VB6 program takes control of an iMonitor session and feeds it keystrokes and mouse clicks and rapidly sends remotes into CW test mode while sending serial bus commands to a Tektronix 2715 Spectrum Analyzer that measures C/N of the CW carrier.  Resulting data is tabulated in a file.  All this started a year ago when my space segment provider got a complaint about interference and it took weeks to find offending remotes out of a field of 420.  They are gone now, and I have a new job, but keep working to refine the project anyway. 

John Watson
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