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High Uplink Queuing errors and LAN errors in HN 9460

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Sep 3rd, 2013 at 12:28pm  
We have installed HN 9460 modem on one of our customer location using Hughesnet services. On  Diagnostics hourly history modem shows uplink queuing problem and problem detected on LAN. Also it shows LAN traffic high. Can anyone help me in understanding what these parameters explain in HN9460 modem. Also the end user reports high number of CRC's on cisco routers interface connected to this HN 9460 modem. Once CRC's are there drops are observed and link disconnects. The client has created a VPN with HQ and it drops once CRC's are there.Kindly share your recommendations regarding the issue. Also if some one can share any documents containing details of diagnostic codes and errors related to HN systems that could be helpful in troubleshooting remote issues.

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Reply #1 - Jan 14th, 2014 at 4:10pm  

I have approximately same issue mentioned above, I am suffering from Hughes HN9460, it has Number of Failed Transmissions ranges from 300 to 800 despite signal strength ranges from 80% to 85%, I checked for any interfere I found nothing.
Now I have ping to google.com reach to 2900ms. but when I restart it all things go fine for period of time then the same of long ping came and no Internet.

One Question: Do any one facing LAN port problem for that model? HN9460
I am going to decide it has problem in LAN port, and the transmission error I will ignore.

Can any one have an Idea?

waiting your kind experience sharing  ....

Thank you
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Reply #2 - Jan 15th, 2014 at 12:42pm  
I'm not familiar with the 9460 itself, but the symptoms you describe are consistent with a grounding/earthing issue. When electrostatic charges (ionization) are not shunted to ground properly, they tend to accumulate inside the modem. Ones get changed to zeros and vice versa. The modem gets slower and slower until the point it simply locks up. Restarting and/or power cycling resets all the ones and zeros to default, and the modem returns to normal operation - only to repeat the cycle as it absorbs more "static"

When this is determined to the be cause, the fix is inspect/repair/replace/install appropriate bonding/grounding on both the ODU and the cable path. On the ODU the TRIA should be bonded to the reflector bracket, which in turn should be earthed at a grounding electrode common to both the modem and the cable. The cable sheathing should be grounded at this same common point. The modem power adapter should be connected to an AC source which too is ultimately grounded at this common.

The goal is twofold; (a) shunt electrostatic charges to ground, and (b) equalize electrical ground potential between among the three components; ODU, cable path, modem.

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Reply #3 - Apr 1st, 2014 at 10:26am  
I can see my two modems can give around 1000 errors per day in clear weather and as worst case.
some time they give me around 200 to 600 errors per day,
Are these errors normal ?

also our engineer here said I have to use one main ethernet port only Port ether1, and I have to use NAT even if I have only 4 PC's.
what you think?
thank you all
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