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Tooway and Accelenet

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Dec 9th, 2013 at 8:18pm  
       I have only been a Satellite Internet user for the past two weeks. I self installed the Tooway Ka from Bentley Walker.
       No problem with installation and was up and running within a few hours. I then took advantage with the Free Accelenet offer from BW, once again there was no problem, that is until the last few days when I noticed that Accelenet had started  showing a Black icon. Since then I have been unable to get Accelenet to connect to BW. All else working OK.
Contacted BW Support and got this reply from them

"The Tooway system has it's own acceleration built into the network and so Accelenet will not work with the Tooway system"

Funny how it worked for the first 10 days.
Any comments, suggestions or any help?

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Hipolito Gonzalez
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Reply #1 - Dec 9th, 2013 at 10:45pm  
I don't know why yor accelenet was working.vthe surfbeam has the Accelenet built inside. The same software, you don't need the software on the pc.
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