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For sale: 90cm tracking maritime mobile satellite TV receive antenna in radome

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Jul 30th, 2016 at 10:19am  
( Posted here by forum admin for seller, from email )

For sale: 90cm tracking maritime mobile satellite TV receive antenna in radome.


All technical docs, software code in C and a bunch of spares in a pelicase. Seller worked for a UK company a few years back installing, servicing etc.

The Ku band antenna is in 1 metre radome, tracking satellite by spinning sub-reflector sampling done in quadrants so makes corrective movements up, down, left and right by introducing a small signal attenuation and monitoring AGC to track/peak the signal. I would fully explain operation and go through the schematics with any buyer.

Full technical specification: http://www.satsig.net/forum-archive/901i-Marine-stabilised-satellite-tv-antenna....

It's presently in the mountains in Southern Spain and want to get rid of it.

Would make a great home spun satellite project or just keep using for satellite TV ?

Maybe of value for university / enthusiast / radio amateur / radio astronomy, for experimenting or research.

Deliverable, within reason (europe) if any buyer wants to rent a van for me...Smiley

Please contact the seller:  Samuel Kendal  taigatrail@gmail.com +34 610 633752
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