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Satbbc equipment for sale !

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Ex Member
Ex Member

Dec 15th, 2016 at 2:36pm  
Norsat 8W Ku-Band Full/Standard 1081 XRTTFS Switchable 13.75-14.50 GHz or 14.0-14.5 GHz
Mitec 8W Ku-Band Standard 14.0-14.5 GHz, UC,WTX-14014539-70-ES-25 + Power Supply
Philtech 8W Ku-Band Standard 14 to 14.5GHz, LO 13.05GHz BUC Model # PTBA08N-01 N-Type
Wavestream 40W Ku-Band Standard 14.0 GHz - 14.5 GHz, BUC Wavestream Matchbox P/N MBB-KUS040-DS00
Wavestream 80W Ku-Band Standard 14.0-14.5 GHz P/N MBB-KUS080-HS00
New Japan Radio 5W C-Band Insat BUC 6.725 - 7.025 GHz P/N  NJT5670
Mitec 10W C-Band Standard Model # MTX-596440-60-ES-20 5.850-6.425 GHz
Philtech 10W C-Band Standard 5.850-6.425 GHz BUC Model # PTBD10N-01
Alga 12W C-Band Standard 5.850 to 6.425 GHz Model No. NJAL5964-12F 
Amplus 25W C-Band Full C-Band 5.850-6.725GHz BUC Model Am-9332-5644-NAEU + LNP + Power Supply
Mitec 40W C-Band Standartd MTX-596446-60-ES-20 5.850-6.425 GHz ( Need Power Supply to Power UP)
Mitec 40W C-Band Palapa 6.425 GHz - 6.725GHz MTX-646-746-60-ES-20
Terrasat 40W C-Band Palapa 6.425 - 6.725GHz Intelligent Block Upconverter IBUC64067-1AC040-003
Terrasat 60W C-Band Extended 5.850-6,650MHz IBUC2 IBR05866-1N5060NW-000 Ext. 10Mhz, Input N-Type Connector, 48VDC, Tx Output N-Type/Waveguide
Anacom Anasat 125W C-Band Standard BUC Model 125EC-EL BUC 32375 5.850 -6.425 GHz
Comtech EF Data CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modem
Comtech EF Data CDM-570L L-Band Satellite Modem
Comtech EF Data CDM-600L Satellite Modem      
iDirect E8350 Evolution Series Satellite Router DVB-S2/ACM
iDirect Evolution X5 Series Satellite Router With Power Supply - w rack mount kit 

if you have any interest or questions , please contact Dan@satbbc.com !
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