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Ghost of Nan Tucks lane

Poem "Nan Tucks Lane" by Roy Carnon

Nan Tucks Lane

Copyright picture of Nan Tucks Lane crossroads sign by Roy Carnon

Nan Tucks Lane is located in village of Buxted, close to Uckfield in county of East Sussex, in England, approx equal distances from the well known towns of Crawley, Royal Tunbridge Wells and Eastbourne. To view the track and see the signposts etc click on the orange man icon.

The Ghost of Nan Tucks Lane

The story: Nan Tucks Lane is haunted by the ghost of Mrs Nan Tuck whose body disappeared after she killed by the village mob who got it into their heads that she was as a witch who had something to do with the death of her husband. It happened only about 200 years ago, in about 1810 AD.

Her husband had died and the rumour was that she had poisoned him. She ran off, first into the fields for a few days before seeking sanctuary in a church. The local mob caught up with her, chased, tormented and murdered her, telling the others that she was a witch who had been simply chased and had disappeared into the forest.

She was not to be seen again alive but now as a ghost, haunting the villagers and for ever and a day, reminding them in perpetuity of their awful treatment of her. So much for mass hysteria and mob rule.

The Nan Tucks Lane poem (c) by Roy Carnon

The new moon
older by a memory
threw this sinuous line
down and round
Poundsley way.

Following feet
that trod the centuries
across the weald -
deepening contoured tracks

The way imprinted
to Hadlow, Framfield, Buxted, -
on to Blackboys,
cruciform neeting, pointing
the fingerpost of death.

Following feet -
feet following years
crushed harsh in grass;
tearing the flowers wond -
raped petals laid
cold on the lane.

Congealing tar
concealing blood,
the shape of your agony
lays still
on bruised grass
on earth maimed by you fall.
Tear-blurred, memory retreats
beneath track-patterned clay
but a Sussex lane

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Image of Nan Tucks Lane crossroads/signpost (c) 2017 Copyright Roy Carnon estate, All rights reserved.
Poem "Nan Tucks Lane" (c) 2017 Copyright Roy Carnon estate, All rights reserved.