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Index to miscellaneous and personal pages on this satsig.net web site:

This page is for a number of miscellaneous links to web pages on this website, like my holiday pictures, and a number of miscellaneous pages.

This is not a page for link requests - we do not participate in reciprocal links schemes.  If you like our site you are welcome to link to it on merit only.  We do not do any "back link" or "reciprocal link" deals as this is considered by us as unethical spamming of the search engines.  We do not sell links.  We put links out on merit only and such links are removed, added or amended at our sole discretion at any time.  Requests for spam links are not appreciated.

Satellite communication related:

Old version of my satellite finder az-el calculator for palm OS hand held PCs.  Input your location (latitude and longitude, outputs dish azimuth and elevation angles.

New version of satellite finder az-el calculator for hand held PCs with pull down menus.  Input your location (latitude and longitude, outputs dish azimuth and elevation angle).

Explanation of latitude and longitude (good for schools etc)

Use of satsig.net : satellite internet logo

Some ideas for improved spectrum utilisation PCMA CRMA explanation: PCMA means Paired Carrier Multiple Access, CRMA means Code Reuse Multiple Access

Forum archive

How satellite TV works

Inclined orbit operation

Satellite beam design

Ka band satellites

W3A Spectrums

W3A Europe Africa

C band circular polarisation feed


Reviews of this web site

Deg, min, sec calculator

Seconds, minutes, hours, days calculator

This is supposed to feed my news about satellite internet access to the news sites: XML RSS feed

Script coding: a method for sending TV images at low bit rate: Script Coding

Care - comforting words

Courtship and Matrimony by C Sheppard

Problem getting embedded video to work on iPad: Getting embedded Youtube video to work on iPAD.

My school Assheton astronomical observatory where I took photographs of the stars and moon ages ago.

MP3 books and audio books for the blind.

Text and MP3

Artificial Intelligence and Script Coding

Frequency spectrums and on-line spectrum analyser(Not in service).

Pictures of some geostationary satellites taken from the ground.


Microscope oil lamp for sale

Mondao 2002 Reverse light not working

Solar power race car

Emergency satellite

Tsunami Communications

Emergency Shelter

Fighting Covid at home

Web site related

How favourite icon works

How to center facebook buttons

Satellite download speed tester

Acceleration software

Embedded YouTube video not working on iPad problem

Adding images into my YaBB forum

How to renew letsencrypt certificates

Web logfile analysis

NETGEAR WG111.v3 driver to work on Windows 10

Introduction to GIMP and how to use GIMP

How to create xml file and export

How to delete all polygons in Google Maps API

Margaret and Roy Carnon related

Nan Tucks Lane

Personal holiday related:

Holiday at Porto Mogan in Gran Canaria

    Maspalomas Sand Dunes

    Tropical plants in Gran Canaria

    Beach at El Medio Almud

    Faro de Maspalomas Holiday 2018

Ski holiday at Kaprun and Zell-am-See

    Ski Zell-am-See

    Ski Kaprun

Scottish Country dancing summer school at St Andrews

EH3 7AF Scottish country dance

Fishes at Sharm El Sheikh

Tropicana Grand Azure Hotel Sharm

      Fishes at Sharm El Sheikh

      Fishes at Sharm 2011

      Fishes at Sharm 2012

      Map of Sharm El-Sheikh

      Flowers at Sharm

Mellieha Bay Hotel: Malta holiday

Cycling in Hungary. Bike Ungheria

      Hungary cycling and spa holiday

     Cycling holiday in Hungary - a cycle tour from Vienna to Budapest.

     Cycle tour in Hungary: Castles and Thermal Spas 

     Geology and rocks of Hungary

Gomera walking holiday

    Madeira walking holiday

    Madeira levada walking holiday

    Madeira easy walking on level levadas

Walking in France

Ballater Walking Week

Walking in Provence, France

Walking holiday La Palma

Plati, Lemnos. Information

Search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI)

SETI index page

Scotland's SETI team

Deep space in 3D

Make a Mandelbrot image

SETI link budget range calculator

SETI range calculator using Greenbank Telescope parameters 2023


Send a text message to OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb

Amazing vision

Space and orbits

Sabre engine

Delta V geo orbit injection calculator

Geo orbit repositioning

Mass and weight

Sailing related:

Sailing index page

Great circle azimuth calculator, lat, long, bearing & range for point to point terrestrial applications.

Clipper sailing

Round the world clipper race 2015-2016 (final leg)

Fastnet race 2015

Fastnet race 2020

Americas Cup sailing

How a sail works

Maxi sailing trip in Fuerteventura

Flounder Sailing trips at Morro Jable, Fuerteventura

Flight navigation computer

Sydney - Hobart 2021

Mark Warner holidays:-

    Sailing at Mark Warner Perpedera resort

    Sailing at Mark Warner at Lakitira

    Sailing at Mark Warner in Lemnos 2014

    Sailing at Mark Warner in Lemnos 2015

    Plati beach road signs

    Dania Mini-market

    Sailing at San Lucianu

Wild life and flowers related:

Where I take our dog for a walk every day: Galleywood snow and fungii

Metasequoia trees

Wild flowers in Hungary

Flowers in Egypt

Deptford Pink plants at Hadleigh Castle

Deptford Pink flowers at Belton Hills

Galleywood Common

Galleywood Winter Wheat

Domestic appliance time clock setting instructions:

How to set time on Breville microwave

How to set time on Samsung Microwave

How to set time on CDA cooker

How to set time on Stoves cooker

Set time on Whirlpool oven

How to set the clock on Panasonic Microwave

How to set the time on SMEG cooker

How to repair a dripping tap

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