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Ben is a Kenyan citizen who has been working with Alldean satellite networks [k] ltd as a VSAT installer and maintenance technician.  He is registered with satsig as a VSAT installer.

He has installed and has a wide experience with different modems. He has dealt with the following indoor units - Dialway, 360, Farawy, Comstream, iDirect and installed both Ku band and C band satellite dishes.

VSAT installation in Kenya
Mombassa, Kenya, VSAT installation (right background)

C band VSAT antenna mounted on mobile vehicle
VSAT antenna mounted on mobile vehicle

Installing another VSAT dish
Installing another VSAT dish

Ben in his Kenya office
Ben in his office

Networking as well electrical/electronics skills underline my capabilities. All this comes with a great experience in software installer and maintenance of PC's, printers, fax machines and phones.

He has also installed HF radio communications system and marine surveillance radars.

He has wide experience in system integration and networking and has been able to install VSAT in hardship and remote areas in eastern Africa.

If you need help, please contact Ben at

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