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Eutelsat W5 satellite covers the India area - New broadband satellite internet access connection for Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and nearby countries (but not Iran*).

Educational illustration only - service no longer available. Follow the link above "Asia satellite broadband providers" for more recent information and alternatives.

(This page was applicable if you are located anywhere (but not Iran*) inside the coverage map shown, preferably within the 42 dBW contour line - sorry if your country is not specifically mentioned by name - it does not mean the service won't work for you.  Between the 42 and 38 dBW contour lines you will need larger antenna)

India region broadband

Uses the India coverage beam and LinkStar® technology coupled the proprietary TCP/IP acceleration  software to give effective quality of service controls and provide much faster downloads compared with unprocessed feeds

Eutelsat beam contours
"Eutelsat W5" beam contours, including India

The ViaSat LinkStar equipment provides high-performance delivery of broadband accelerated IP traffic to the home and to small offices/home offices, small/medium enterprises, villages, communities and large businesses.

Provides users with a secure professional networking solution to connect multiple PCs to broadband access via satellite.

The terminal provides immediate access to broadband applications such as streaming video, distance learning/training, Internet Cafe, VoIP, and intranet/extranet access.

Satellite is an appropriate broadband solution when cable modem or ADSL telephone service is not possible.  It is also attractive for temporary sites - emergency situations, service demonstrations, public events and other urgent but important communication requirements in difficult and isolated areas.

The broadband terminal is a stand-alone, self-contained unit, so you don't have to run any special software on your PC. 

Eutelsat W5 coverage for India area broadband - equipment details

The outdoor equipment comprises the antenna with transmitter and low noise receiver mounted on the front. There will be three cables, transmit and receive coaxial cables and a safety earth cable.

The indoor unit is one part.

The outdoor equipment comprises the antenna, transmitter and low noise receiver mounted on the front.  The diameter of the dish will vary according to location, but will typically be 75 to 1.2m diameter.  larger dishes up to 1.8m may be used for the highest transmit bit rates and in locations at the extreme beam edge - see the W5 - India region coverage pattern.

Transmitter power may be 0.5, 1, 2 or 4 watts.  1 watt transmitter in standard. Safety distance is 50cm.  The higher transmitter powers of 2 or 4 watt or alternatively a larger dish, may be required if the highest 1.25 ksym/s transmit bit rate is required.

The dish is a more sturdy and more accurately made version of the typical Satellite television dish.  The dish must be pointed to 0.1 deg accuracy and the polarisation adjusted to 0.25 deg accuracy to avoid interference to other satellite communications services.

There are three cables from the outdoor equipment to the indoor equipment: transmit and receive coaxial cables and a safety earth cable.  The transmit and receive cables use 75 ohm impedance coaxial cable and F type connectors.  The cable has foam insulation (not air spaced) to exclude moisture. Low DC resistance is important.

Indoor equipment dimensions: 13" wide x 8" deep, 1U high. Requires free air venting both sides

Linkstar 2 modem

Put the indoor box in a cool, clean, dry place. Apart from the initial set up the box is entirely controlled from the satellite internet hub.

Power supply: Universal 110/220 volts auto-sensing/auto-ranging AC universal power supply.

Frequencies 10.95-12.75 GHz receive, 14-14.5 GHz transmit.  IF: 950 - 1450 MHz

Receive bit rates:  2.5 to 36 Mbit/s QPSK FEC concatenated Reed Soloman 188/204 plus Viterbi 7/8, 5/6, 3/4, 2/3 or 1/2.   Actual vsat terminal receive bit rates will be set by the monthly tariff. The list below shows 14 technically possible rates (in kbit/s).

32 64 128 256 384
512 640 768 896 1024
1280 1536 1792 2048  

Transmit bit rates:  156, 312, 625, 1250 ksym/s QPSK 2/3 rate Turbo code DVB-RCS compliant.  Actual operating bit rate will be set by the monthly  tariff.  If the dish size and transmitter power are sufficient there is the possibility of upgrade to higher tx bit rate without hardware change.

Return link Carrier Rate Min Throughput Nominal Throughput Max throughput Transmission info rate
k symbols / sec kbit/s kbit/s kbit/s kbit/s
156.25 95 128 146 208
312.5 215 256 310 416
625 439 512 689 832
1250 870 1024 1404 1664

Connecting to the customer's equipment.

At the back of the indoor unit is one RJ45 10BaseT/100BaseT ethernet connection.  This is directly connected to the customer's equipment - a single PC perhaps or more commonly an ethernet hub or switch allowing for the connection of many local PCs in a LAN. 

To set up each PC:
Do Start, Control panel, Network, and then set, using the site specific details provided, for example:
IP Address 172.17.40.xxx
Subnet mask 255.255.255.xxx
Gateway 172.17.40.xxx
Two DNS addresses will additionally be provided to enable internet working.

* Please note that export of ViaSat LinkStar to Iran is not allowed.   Coverage areas do not imply that operation is allowed everywhere within the beam.

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