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1  VSAT technology and installation / iDirect Forum: hubs and terminals / heights or iDirect
 on: Nov 27th, 2020 at 6:33pm 
Started by Rasim | Post by Rasim  
Hello All,

Which system is best iDirect or Heights(Comtech)

Can anybody explain?

Thks. Roll Eyes

2  Anything else / General and other topics / Re: General
 on: Nov 9th, 2020 at 3:48pm 
Started by salam | Post by salam  
Thank you.

3  VSAT technology and installation / Hub and VSAT satellite equipment for sale and wanted / For Sale: Intellian V240C 100W/200W BUCs
 on: Nov 8th, 2020 at 12:01pm 
Started by v240c_seller | Post by v240c_seller  
Items for sale, located in Balikpapan, Indonesia.

Intellian V240C Antenna x 2 - Produced May 2017
CPI 7710H 100W BUC C-Band
Advantech SSPB Mg-C200-CRE 200W BUC C-Band
Cisco 2911 Router
Comtech CDM-760A x 2
Comtech CDM-625
Comtech CDM-600
Codan 5900 Ku-Band Converter
Codan 5700 C-Band Converter
Codan 5760 SSPA 60W C-Band BUC
XX97A Standard Spares Kit
Comtech Stampede
Intellian Antenna Mediator
Intellian ACU x 2

4  Anything else / General and other topics / Re: General
 on: Nov 8th, 2020 at 9:56am 
Started by salam | Post by Admin1  
I had a look at your attached image. It was something about Bitcoin and VPN, nothing to do with this site, so I deleted it as irrelevant spam.

5  VSAT technology and installation / Hub and VSAT satellite equipment for sale and wanted / Wanted: 30W - 40W Ku band BUC
 on: Nov 8th, 2020 at 9:53am 
Started by Admin1 | Post by Admin1  
If you have an unwanted, but in good working order, Ku band BUC in the range 30W to 40W please tell me: eric@satsig.net and I will pass the message on the person who wants this item.

Please refer to "email 08/11/2020 03:00 Ku band BUC wanted"

Best regards, Eric

6  Anything else / General and other topics / Re: General
 on: Nov 4th, 2020 at 6:10pm 
Started by salam | Post by salam  
I found a webpage which is very similar to satsig. FYI.

7  Service Providers / Maritime and Mobile satellite communications / FOR SALE: Seatel 4009-91 MK2 1.0m Ku Band VSAT System (pre-owned)
 on: Oct 26th, 2020 at 12:12pm 
Started by SatComEng | Post by SatComEng  
Fully working Seatel 4009-91 MK2 in a 50” radome with a Seatel DAC-2202.  Sold with an 8W Codan Ku Band BUC and 2 multiband SMW LNBs (One for X-pol operation, one for co-pol). 

Belts and bearing in good condition.  The antenna is balanced and electronics operating with stable software versions.

Can be supplied with below deck equipment if required. (12U rack, router, switch, modem, etc)

Equipment List –
1 x Seatel 4009-91 MK2 VSAT Antenna in 50” radome
1 x Seatel DAC-2202 Antenna Control Unit
2 x SMW Q-PLL Type R LNB
1 x Codan 6908-W/E-48/EX-CE-NI 8W Ku Band

Equipment located in the UK. 

Email me if  interested - SatComEng@outlook.com

8  Service Providers / TooWay and KA-SAT satellite / Signal boosters to solve cable attenuation issues
 on: Oct 26th, 2020 at 11:01am 
Started by Tog | Post by Tog  
I have a Tooway set-up provided by skyDSL in France, with an RM5111 modem. Although the connection is usable, it's not up to video streaming and that's an important part of my requirement. The best signal strength I've managed to obtain is an Rx SNR of just over 13.00 dB. However, my real issue is that I have a cable attenuation of about 17.00 dB, which seems very high. I installed my dish on a post some distance from the house because it was too ugly to put on the house facade and the pitch of the roof is E-W. As a result I have a cable run of something over 25m from the dish to the modem. I'm using RG6 coax, so I don't think the cable itself is an issue. Looking online, it would seem that a bidrectional autogain signal booster might fix the problem, but I'm having trouble finding a suitable product for my set-up. A Sonora LA281R-T24 amplifier seems right for the job, but is only available in the US, not Europe. Does anyone have any suggestions for products I might be able to obtain in Europe?

9  Service Providers / TooWay and KA-SAT satellite / Re: From Tooway to SkyDSL
 on: Oct 15th, 2020 at 10:33am 
Started by Csaba | Post by HipolitoGonzalez  
You aren't changing the provider, just the billing company, the provider is the same... Tooway, same sat, same speed.

Csaba wrote on Apr 25th, 2020 at 4:20pm:
Hi, I want to change my provider from Tooway to SkyDSL. I got a new activation code from SkyDSL but I cannot change a provider, I try to reset my RM4100 FurfBeam 2 terminal, I try to go to selfact.skylogic.com, etc. But still nothing. Do you have some suggestions, what to do? Thanks

10  VSAT technology and installation / Hub and VSAT satellite equipment for sale and wanted / Comtech EFdata, Datum and Raydyne Comstream satellite modems for sale
 on: Oct 14th, 2020 at 7:21pm 
Started by Admin1 | Post by Admin1  
Many different types of modems are in stock now and for sale.

I have put this information about Comtech EFData modems, Datum modems and Raydyne Comstream modems for sale from an email received from NewEraSystems Inc.

Use the links below each image to find out more details, quantities and to verify prices which may change.

Comtech EFData cdm-570L
$1450 https://newerasystems.net/shop/satellite_modem/l-band-modem/cdm570l/

Comtech CDD-564L L-Band Quad Demux
$1945 https://newerasystems.net/shop/satellite-broadcast-equipment/demodulator-satelli...

Comtech CDM-625 L-Band or 70 MHz
$3950 https://newerasystems.net/shop/satellite_modem/70mhz-modem/comtech-cdm-625-modem...

Comtech CDM-600 70 MHz modem


CDM-550 70 MHz Legacy Modem
$535 https://newerasystems.net/shop/satellite_modem/70mhz-modem/comtech-efdata-cdm-55...

Comtech EFData CDM-550IP
$550 https://newerasystems.net/shop/satellite_modem/70mhz-modem/comtech-efdata-cdm-55...

Comtech EFData SDM-300
$325 https://newerasystems.net/shop/satellite_modem/70mhz-modem/comtech-efdata-sdm-30...

Comtech EFData SDM-300A
$725 https://newerasystems.net/shop/satellite_modem/70mhz-modem/comtech-efdata-sdm-30...

Comtech EFData SDM-6000
$250 https://newerasystems.net/shop/satellite_modem/70mhz-modem/comtech-efdata-sdm-60...

Comtech EFData SDM-9000
$655  https://newerasystems.net/shop/satellite_modem/70mhz-modem/comtech-efdata-sdm-90...

Datum PSM-4900L L-Band Modem
$645 https://newerasystems.net/shop/satellite_modem/l-band-modem/datum-psm-4900l-l-ba...

Datum PSM-4900 70 MHz Modem
$650 https://newerasystems.net/shop/satellite_modem/70mhz-modem/datum-psm-4900-vsat-s...

Datum PSM-500L L band Modem
$1350 https://newerasystems.net/shop/satellite_modem/l-band-modem/datum-psm-500l-l-ban...

Comstream DMD-2401LB-ST
$1950 https://newerasystems.net/shop/satellite_modem/l-band-modem/radyne-comstream-dmd...

CDM-570L 24VDC BUC Power Supply

We can't show them all, but everything, including modem accessories are shown on our website.

If you need a different type of satellite hardware view all of the listings on our website https://newerasystems.net

Phil Thomas
Phone : 1-321 914 0224
Email : pthomas@newerasystems.net