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1  Service Providers / Satellite Internet - Americas / SALE: GATR 1.8m inflatable Satellite antenna system Ku band VSAT
 on: Jul 2nd, 2020 at 1:33pm 
Started by Admin1 | Post by Admin1  
I've been sent some pictures of the various items that comprise this GATR antenna system for sale.  Below each image I have tried to identify what the items are.  If you need clarification please  email me eric@satsig.net and I will pass the message on to the present owner.

See images below:
CISCO ASA 5505 Adaptive Security Appliance
Cisco Small Business SG 100-16 16 port Gigabit switch
Cisco Small Business SG 100-16 16 port Gigabit switch (rear view of a second unit ?)
Side view of box ?. Cooling vent and fan. Blue front panel ?
Two telephones

Antenna compression bag and antenna stage
Sand bags and literature
Hold down plates, 2x 2x Power Supply

Inflatable bag

Power supply Input 90-260V AC or 11.5-36V DC.  Output 24VDC 600W

Three Ku band receive LNBs
3W Ku band transmit BUC 13050 MHz LO freq.
Transmit reject filter/OMT Feed assembly with precision polarisation scale.
Four feed assembly support legs.
16W Ku band transmit BUC
White block with connectors : Upconverter perhaps ?

Unknown items - box and cylindrical device possibly. Maybe same as image three below.

Cisco software disks and GATR manuals

Assorted cables
USB to serial adaptor
Cable interconnectors
Metal box with ventilation slots

LED driver AC in 24V out
Unknown cylindrical device

Norsat LNB 1107HA 11.7-12.2 GHz PLL 10.75 +/- 10kHz.
Unknown LNB

Ku band 3W BUC NJT5116F   LO 13050 MHz

16W Ku band BUC Wavestream 48V

300W power supply Wavestream AC in, 48V out

LED driver
Large modem - possibly iDirect modem registered to FEMA hub gateway

Inflatable antenna

Finally, I wondered what a GATR antennas looked like when deployed.  Here is the result of a Google image search for GATR antennas:


2  Anything else / General and other topics / Satellite orbit height, speed and period calculator
 on: Jun 22nd, 2020 at 2:44pm 
Started by Admin1 | Post by Admin1  
the last couple of days I have been making a calculator to work out speed and period for a satellite at a given height.

Here it is: https://www.satsig.net/orbit-research/orbit-height-and-speed.htm

I have tested it a few times against known data and it seems to work, but I would appreciate someone else testing it and identifycing any problems or errors.

Best regards, Eric

3  VSAT technology and installation / Hub and VSAT satellite equipment for sale and wanted / Wanted - Used Hugues HX90 or HX50
 on: Jun 3rd, 2020 at 3:41pm 
Started by Tommy | Post by Tommy  
We are looking for 50 to 100 units low cost used HX90 or HX50 modem and 2W transmitter. Also need the license to register the units in the hub.

More information, mail to turresty@hotmail.com


4  Anything else / General and other topics / Re: Geostationary views with elevation contours
 on: Jun 1st, 2020 at 6:50pm 
Started by Admin1 | Post by Admin1  
Yesterday I updated the page mentioned above to show the 70 deg elevation contour and added a new page with polarisation / skew angles.

see: https://www.satsig.net/maps/geostationary-satellite-polarisation-skew-map.htm



5  VSAT technology and installation / Hub and VSAT satellite equipment for sale and wanted / Re: For sale: Parts for a motorised Hughes Direcway antenna.
 on: May 24th, 2020 at 2:06pm 
Started by Admin1 | Post by Admin1  
URGENT    24th May 2020

All this kit is still for sale.

View of the motorised Direcway antenna.

If you are interested in buying these parts please email me eric@satsig.net quoting reference "27/03/2020, 18:15" and I will forward your email to the seller.

The motorised Hughes Direcway dish is located Hurst, TX 76053.

If you are interested please email me eric@satsig.net and I will put you in touch with the owner.  All offers considered.

This would make good project for tech students !

Best regards, Eric.

6  Service Providers / Avanti-Hylas Ka band services - EU, ME, Africa / BSS Solution for Avanti OSS Newtec Hub
 on: May 24th, 2020 at 12:08am 
Can anyone recommend a BSS Billing Solution that has integrated well with Avanti OSS Newtec hub.

7  VSAT technology and installation / iDirect Forum: hubs and terminals / Re: TAC login
 on: May 23rd, 2020 at 7:51pm 
Started by ydh - Ex Member | Post by Admin1  
This picture below gives you an idea of how a satellite might move during the day.
The actual movement may be an ellipse and it may drift sideways slowly over a week or so. The view shown applies if you are on the same longitude as the satellite longitude. Elsewhere, the equator line will be tilted relative to your local ground horizon.

Ideally you want to aim a fixed dish at the centre of the intended stationkeeping box so that the satellite does not move too far from your beam centre.  If you call the satellite network operations centre they can tell you when the satellite is due to cross the equator, twice per day.  The east west position is more difficult as the satellite might drift sideways through the middle longitude less frequently, like weekly or longer.

Read more here: Inclined orbit operation

If your dish is large enough that the -1 dB beamwidth is the same (or smaller) than the stationkeeping box then you need to point a fixed dish very accurately and tolerate twice daily peak degradations. 

Useful Antenna beamwidth calculator

Best regards, Eric

8  Anything else / General and other topics / Geostationary views with elevation contours
 on: May 23rd, 2020 at 7:36pm 
Started by Admin1 | Post by Admin1  
I have made a new page today that should hopefully show views of the world with elevation contours for geo satellite orbit positions..


Please say if you can suggest anything.

Go here: Geostationary satellite elevation map
to choose your own orbit position and also animation possibility for fun..

Best regards, Eric.

9  VSAT technology and installation / iDirect Forum: hubs and terminals / Re: TAC login
 on: May 23rd, 2020 at 2:03pm 
Started by ydh - Ex Member | Post by Hamod  
Could you please share with me how to interpret centre of box information. I have been given the task to select an appropriate time for the re-alignment of 6.3m antenna to the satellite and the satellite operator has shared with me the COB. I'm still learning. I await your kind feedback.

10  VSAT technology and installation / Hub and VSAT satellite equipment for sale and wanted / Two 4.6m Andrew antennas for sale
 on: May 23rd, 2020 at 9:51am 
Started by Admin1 | Post by Admin1  
From email: Two 4.6m Andrew antennas for sale

Above: C band 2 port linear polarisation.

Above: Ku band 4 port linear

The antennas are still standing at New Era Systems teleport in South Florida and offers the new owner a chance to inspect while in working operation. Please note that the prices do not include take-down and packing. We can offer those services for an additional cost.

For more details follow this link: Antennas, VSAT, SNG & Flyaway for sale

Phil Thomas
Phone : 1-321 914 0224
Email : pthomas@newerasystems.net

New Era Systems, Inc

We make our living by buying and selling surplus satellite equipment; anything from modems to 15M antennas, we are always interested in talking to owners looking to sell surplus equipment..

Melbourne Florida 32949
Pompano Beach, Florida 33069