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1  VSAT technology and installation / Satellite dish installations - pictures and descriptions / Antesky 3.7meter antenna dish installed in Australia
 on: Today at 2:57am 
Previously, we mentioned that every year we will prepare regular stock for receive only antennas, flyaway antennas and VSAT antennas, so that we can arrange shipping to clients destination with the fastest delivery time. Here one of regular clients from Australia ordered 1 set of 3.7m TVRO antenna and 2 sets of 3.7m earth station antennas from Antesky in last November and we shipped out this 3 sets of antennas in early December 2021.

In July, client firstly finished installation on their site and told us antenna operate well now. They shared with us various photos which were taken during their installation. You can clearly see that our TVRO antenna structure including foundation part, kingpost part, reflector part and feed system, which makes our antenna can be assembled easily and quickly based on provided detailed installation manual. Installation guide service by engineer remotely is available as well.

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Hoisting reflector of 3.7m TVRO antenna to kingpost by crane

The reflector is supported by a galvanized steel kingpost that provides the required stiffness for pointing and tracking accuracy, and it can be installed on the ground or rooftop. Foundation as a kind of necessary part, it is important for all antenna system performance. Generally, client is tend to cement pouring foundation for fixed site installation. Due to some instructions, we also have non- penetrating foundation(NPM) for options, which can resist high wind as pouring foundation and can be moveable to another site if necessary.
3.7m TVRO antenna reflector with kingpost
Also, the reflector manufactured with high quality aluminum and steel materials, is with high rigidity. The antenna reflectors can bear two persons to stand on, so the installers can stand on the antenna reflectors without any worry during installation and debugging. Even the antenna performance can not be affected. Here you can see that client are installing antenna feed with standing on reflector.
Install feed of 3.7m TVRO antenna

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3.7m TVRO antenna installation finished


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Rear view of 3.7m TVRO antenna

2  VSAT technology and installation / Dish pointing and alignment / Xplornet on Viasat 1 KA band help with aligning
 on: Yesterday at 1:26pm 
I have a dish at our cottage in northern Ontario. We have had it for about 10 years, works pretty good! The building it is attached to seems to have shifted slightly during some construction. I need to re-aim the dish. The cost of API's on ebay are practically free, and the cost of bringing in a tech with a 2 hour drive and 45 minute boat ride is expensive. I would be happy to bring in a tech, but it seems like doing the aiming is manageable. Thoughts? Thanks! 

3  VSAT technology and installation / Satellite dish installations - pictures and descriptions / Antesky 1.2m Vehicle-mounted Satellite Antenna Debugging& Shipping
 on: May 16th, 2024 at 8:00am 
Vehicle-mounted satellite antenna is a kind of small satellite communication earth station which is carried by various types of vehicles including commercial vehicle, SUV, MPV and other off-road vehicles, and communicates when the vehicle is parked. Compared with the ring focus feed satellite antenna, the offset reflector satellite antenna has the advantages of high gain, low sidelobe and small size. At the same time, the designed vehicle static communication satellite antenna has excellent electrical performance, stable and reliable structure, and has good practicability. It is widely used in emergency response departments, troops, news gathering and other industries. Antesky provides antennas in C-band, Insat C band, Ku, Ka and X-Band with various diameters (from 1.2 meter–4.5 meters) available. Antesky 1.8m Vehicle-mounted satellite antenna is one of our best-selling products, which is very popular in the market because of its excellent product performance and reasonable price. Customers from South America and Asia feedbacked to us that our antenna with low noise temperature and high gain can well meet their receiving and transmitting needs.

This month we delivered 1 set of 1.2mVehicle-mounted satellite antenna with C-band after debugging at our factory. Please refer to this previous 1.2m Vehicle-mounted satellite antenna with Ku-band shipping as well.

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System Composition of Antesky 1.2m Vehicle-mounted satellite antennain C-band
Antenna feed subsystem: one piece of carbon fiber main reflector , feed and feed support
Rotary table subsystem: Az, El, thress-axis polarization rotary table
Servo control subsystem: antenna control unit and antenna drive unit
Position acquisition subsystem: digital compass and built-in GPS
Receiving subsystem: high-sensitivity beacon receiver
Below is the real view, front view and controller display of 1.2m Vehicle-mounted satellite antennain C-band.

Antesky 1.2m Vehicle-mounted satellite antenna (C-band)


Controller Antesky 1.2m C band Vehicle-mounted satellite antenna (C-band)

C band feed system of Antesky 1.2m Vehicle-mounted satellite antenna


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top view of Antesky 1.2m C band vehicle mounted antenna Antesky 1.2m Vehicle-mounted satellite antenna in stow status

2. System Characteristics of Antesky 1.2m Vehicle-mounted satellite antenna

Conveniently installed on top of commercial vehicle, SUV, MPV and military square cabin without wearing roof;
The reflectoradopts a structure of carbon fiber skin and aluminum honeycomb sandwich. Compared with the traditional aluminum reflector, the reflector in the form of carbon fiber has the advantages of light weight, high precision and easy molding.
The feed bracket adopts integrated casting molding process to achieve accurate positioning of the feed and ensure excellent electrical indicators.Reasonably structured antenna feed arm, suitable for BUC/ODU installation;
Equipped with high GPS precision and strong anti-interference of electronic compass, which ensures the stability and the accuracy of the program to point the satellite.
Strong operability that person can operate by “one-key pass” function without training
The antennas can automatically align to the satellite within 3 minutes in an open and safe place.
Antenna operates more safely with multiple protection functions such as automatic alarm, mechanical limit and software limit.

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Diagram of 1.2m Vehicle-mounted satellite antenna package

Operation and maintenance is important for mechanical parts. You can view this blog of common problems and solutions for Vehicle-mounted satellite antenna maintenance.

Also, another customer order 2 sets of Vehicle-mounted satellite antenna that is 1 set of 1.8m Vehicle-mounted satellite antenna and 1 set of 1.2m Vehicle-mounted satellite antenna. We expected to hear from client the installation and operation photos soon and we will share with you more details by then. If you want to learn some more information about this antenna, please contact us via We will provide you high quality antenna with the best price. Thanks!

4  VSAT technology and installation / iDirect Forum: hubs and terminals / Re: Direct DlCt, DLT R linecard
 on: May 15th, 2024 at 9:55pm 
Hello there!

I think that we do have linecards, modems we have for sure!

Please feel free to contact me.

thanks Smiley

We are looking for second-hand iDirect DlCt, DLT R linecard, and various brands of second-hand modems.
If you have in hand, please contact me.
Thanks! Smiley

5  VSAT technology and installation / iDirect Forum: hubs and terminals / Re: Wanted : iDirect DlCt, DLT R linecard
 on: May 15th, 2024 at 6:19pm 
It is well worth doing Google searches using input texts like:
Wanted iDirect line cards.
For Sale iDirect line cards.

Anyway, good luck getting responses here.

Best regards, Eric

6  Anything else / General and other topics / Creating a kml file in web page with javascript
 on: May 15th, 2024 at 5:32pm 
Creating a kml file in web page with javascript

If anyone is interested in creating a kml file for input to Google maps to draw a pologon I have explained what I am doing here:

To try it:
Go to that page and click to download the kml file to your Downloads folder.
then open Google Earth.
Then Add a Local kml file and select the one at the top of your Downloads folder.
The result is Google earth view of part of the USA thus:


This is work in progress as I hope to be able to add this feature to the satellite beam drawing program so you can save multiple polygons and open them all in Google Earth.

Comment please to me

7  VSAT technology and installation / iDirect Forum: hubs and terminals / Direct DlCt, DLT R linecard
 on: May 14th, 2024 at 9:29am 
We are looking for second-hand iDirect DlCt, DLT R linecard, and various brands of second-hand modems.
If you have in hand, please contact me.
Thanks! Smiley

8  Anything else / General and other topics / Re: Space Art by Roy Carnon - book covers
 on: May 7th, 2024 at 8:24pm 
wonderful paintings!

I remember reading Prelude to space when I was a teenager....

9  Anything else / General and other topics / Space Art by Roy Carnon - book covers
 on: May 4th, 2024 at 11:28am 
My uncle, Roy Carnon, drew lots of space art and sci-fi type drawings and artwork.

Four newly discovered book cover images have been found, see below:


If you want to see more go to:

If you know of any more artistic works by Roy Carnon or can provide any stories etc about him please tell me and I will add.

Best regards, Eric.

10  VSAT technology and installation / Hub and VSAT satellite equipment for sale and wanted / 1.0m Ku Band Manual Flyaway Antenna from Antesky
 on: Apr 28th, 2024 at 3:17am 
Installation Site: In Myanmar

Installation time: May, 2022

Project introduction:

Firstly in 2020, client from Myanmar purchased us earth station antennas including 2.4m VSAT antenna and 3.0m VSAT antenna. These antennas are with high quality and good price. Client had installed on their site and they operated well with local network. In this April, they also ordered 1 set of 1.0meter portable flyaway antenna for emergency communication locally. In mid-May, we had completed testing and debugging. Now we are waiting for client request to ship out. As mentioned, every year we prepare ready stock for flyaway antennas , which makes our delivery time can meet within one month.

1.0M Carbon fiber Flyaway Antenna Features

-90% carbon fiber material;
-Compact design with low weight of 14.76kg;
-One person can assemble within 3 minutes;
-No tools required during installation;
-Pelican trolley case portable packaging;
-Customized package type&material






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