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iDirect is hiring staff (especially engineers)

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Aug 19th, 2011 at 4:38am  
Hi:  I am Josh in iDirect's sales/business development group.  iDirect is now hiring tons of people, must be at least 40 positions open, maybe more.  NOTE:  Most of these are ENGINEERING POSITIONS (HW,SW, Test) AND THE LOCATION FOR ENGINEERING POSITIONS IS IN THE USA, NOT OVERSEAS (although a few software engineering positions in UK, but that's it, ALL REST ARE IN THE US).   These engineering positions are really hard to fill - if I was ever reincarnated, I think I might come back as a software engineer Smiley   They are asking internal people to help, so thought I'd post here.  I've been here over 1o years, I love iDirect and its been the best company I've ever worked for BY FAR! E-mail me at if interested
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