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Oct 28th, 2011 at 1:42pm  
VSAT installer in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and any corner of the world

We are working in the communication filed especially on broad band satellite . we are working in this profession  for over more than 13 years.

we do have extensive experience working in satellite communication  from  maintenance technical staff  to project director in  Satellite  Broadband Network (which provides and supports Data connectivity, video conferencing, IP Telephony, and  Internet services with all integrated in one, based on satellite backbone), on the areas  of high-level satellite and terrestrial based broadband communication systems.

We are trying to put our contribution to impact the satellite industry in a positive way.  we are committed to add values for the satellite communication industries in terms Of  reliability of the VSAT link with good VSAT  installation  by using professionals .

Why do we engage our self   in satellite industries?

In the past, we observe that customer bring installer from Europe , Middle East or other Africa country to carry the installation as well as site survey .

Some times, the customer them self's try to carry the installation  because of budget issue or because of tight schedule. This interns  bring problem    as the installation was not done in professional way and the only intention here  is to accumulate the budget .  In the long run the customer and NOC support (service provider) suffer a lot because of bad installation and bad link performance. This draw our attention and we want to use our professionalism to solve the problems.

Problem area that attract our attention to engage our self in this business

To get support, the customer needs to wait until engineer travels from other countries.

It will require also more paper work to get VISA or it requires some time until the engineer arrive to the site.
Response time and budget wise, it will be expensive as it will require transportation as well as accommodation.

Response time will not satisfies the customer
In case of upgrade, migration and site survey, the cost will not be feasible.

Using unprofessional installer or if the customer install them self because of budget issue or tight schedule , then  it will not only affect the link performance,  but it has the following impact

•      It develop customer bad experience 
•      It Consume most of NOC support time to troubleshoot and support the customer.
•      Wrong installation (improper connector termination, unprofessional connector use, improper impedance connector (impedance mismatch), not using weather proofing tape, unstable power supply , missing of grounding system and lightning arrestor, improper antenna alignment   …..e.t.c ) will introduce un wanted  loss,  bad  link performance , equipment damage ,cause Interference . which leads to attend the site very often and it is not economical , may be it will
have bad experience and it will be difficult to retain the customer.

We want to use our professionalism in order to show how reliable and improve availability of the VSAT link. We will contribute positive impact for the industry by doing the following

•      Perform professional site survey with professionals (equipped with professional tools).
•      Perform Professional installation.
•       Accommodate the customer budget.
•      React immediately with the customer request.
•      Our gauge will be the customer satisfaction. 
•      Provide the report with recommendation on timely based.
•      Skilled engineers that can communicate with NOC smoothly.

     Our teams are equipped with professional tools, spectrum analyzer, and Digital multi meter, Cable meter, power meter, grounding measuring tools, volte meter, and Voltage Polarity identifier. RFI detection tools, professional’s connectors, water proofing tape.

We are pleased to work with our customer and please contact us for any project you may have .

Here is our contact
            Berhanu Mamuye
           Tel. Mobile: (+251-911)500552
Skype: bereye
Addis Ababa
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