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guinea conakry connection

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Feb 17th, 2005 at 6:37pm  
I will be roving in rural Guinea and need to stay internet connected, satellite appears as the best alternative, any tips and info to reliable ISP would be most appreciated Undecided
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Reply #1 - Feb 17th, 2005 at 7:40pm  
Aramiska: La solución Banda Ancha
Empresarial incluye las características siguientes:

> Ratio de contención de bajada de 4:1
> Velocidades hasta una cifra sorprendente de 3 Mbps
> Solución VPN exclusiva de Aramiska optimizada para satélite
> Soporte técnico para un número ilimitado de PCs
> Firewalls
> Servidor de correo local
> Cuentas de correo electrónico ilimitadas
> Solución de antivirus que incluye actualizaciones
> Nombre de dominio y 100 MB de alojamiento en Web
> Instalaciones de almacenamiento
> Supervisión punto a punto
> Soporte técnico 24*7*365
> Como consecuencia de todo ello, un bajo coste de
la propiedad
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Reply #2 - Jul 9th, 2007 at 11:54am  
Hello Edware,

We are in guinea conakry  and  we  provide an internet connection by VSAT , and  we have more reference in guinea  , you can  call me at this number


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Reply #3 - Sep 20th, 2009 at 1:46am  

I was surfing the internet and accidently discovered your email address.

We are a not-for profit organization based in the United States, and are researching the possibility of opening several, small, community-owned and operated, not-for-profit cybercafes in rural Guinea. Computer, internet, and telecommunications services and training will be provided free or very cheap.

We are a very small group, and do not have a lot of money. We do not receive foundation, corporate or governmental support. We are poor individuals of African descent in the US who want to help the youth, women, farmers and elders of Guinea.

Our members are willing to make small contributions to our efforts, and donate and ship used computers, other equipment, open source software (English and French), and supplies.

We demand in return that the local community groups, with whom we are in contact, provide in-kind contributions to cover building, electricity, staff, up-keep, etc.

We have already identified serval areas that we are interested in and are in contact with groups in those areas.

We need access to cheap but reliable satellite internet access and small solar panels.

The cost of satellite internet access and the solar panels will determine the number of centers we can open. The in Guinea where satellite internet connection can be accessed, will ultimately determine the locations of our center.

Perhaps you can help, or can refer us to somone who can. If so, please provide information on the services that you provide, costs, and other pertinent information.

Please advise us if their are any legal or political restrictions that prevent us from providing free or cheap telecommunications services, including internet and telephone (international and national) to our members.

People must become a member in-order to access these services; and they must make a modest contribution, in-kind, in order to have access them: teach a child or adult how to read, coach a soccer team, mentor a young girl, how someone who is old, cook the food, help keep the centre clean, etc., etc.

Modest, but noble contributions.

The amount and value of each members contributions, monthly and yearly, will determine the amount and value of servises they and their families have access to. This will help us keep the costs of operating the centre as low as possible, and help ensure that the community owns and operates it, in partnership with their sisters and brothers in the US.

Please respond me via my private email:

Thank you in advance for any information or help that you might give.

Bob Brown
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Reply #4 - Jan 3rd, 2010 at 3:44pm  
Dear Sir,

We have C & Ku band service with local support in Guinea, so feel free to contact me.

Best regards

Christophe PACILLY | Sales Director | SeaMobile Europe – Geolink Satellite Services
+33 177 753 030 direct | +33 672 885 631 mobile |
+33 177 753 000 main | +33 142 705 790 fax |
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