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General high speed question re: Sri Lanka

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Vijit Coomara

Apr 1st, 2006 at 1:19pm  
HI: I am doing some initial research about what is the ideal solution for having an IT  development office in Colombo Sri Lanka. The requirements are:
1) Ability to support US and Canadian business customers via VPN clients (typically terminal services, ssh, telent and ftp connectivity).
2) Ability to have a dedicated connection to the head office development office in Toronto, Canada, which houses the application source control server.
3) Ability have a high speed dedicated connection to our production off-site data center in downtown Toronto. This data center is housed at a commercial hosting facility.

I would like to have connections speed and reliablity somewhat close to what we get from our dedicated full T1 at the Toronto office.

Some of my reading has pointed me to satellite. Any insights from this forum would be appreciated.
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Reply #1 - Apr 9th, 2006 at 5:11pm  

you have a nice project . To take this further , can you send me a basic netwrok diagram . The satellite link i can suggest is a dedicated 1Mb link (up and down) on C band , since Sri lanka is the K region according to teh rain region maps. If you are interested we can go ahead. We also specialise in wireless installtions , please even if you have any wireless queries or installtions ,  please let me know
Thanking you

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