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Jun 16th, 2006 at 3:09am  
I just purchased Direcway DW7000 and it has the .74 dish (i dont know if the dish matters), it came with no instructions on how to point the dish.  Anyway, my nephew installs Dish Network.  And he has a Bird Dog satelitte finder.  Our question is we need to get the dish pointed in the right direction.  My zip code is 47834, so if anyone can please help me get the numbers (AZ, EL, Pol) also get the quality % too to get it pointed and alignment.  His bird dog has 3 different direcway, Direcway 99, KH Direcway IA8, and KV Direcway IA8.  So if anyone can let me know which one to use on the bird dog, and which number to get it pointed and aligned i would great appreciate it!  You can email me at, any info would be great thanks!
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Reply #1 - Jun 16th, 2006 at 4:52am  
Since there are no installation instructions, the initial assumption is that you bought a used system. Direcway (now HughesNet) requires all installations - new equipment or used - to be performed by one of their own certified installers. Unfortunately, a DirecTV certification is not an equivalancy, only the HughesNet installer gets the SAN and PIN required to actually commission a new account. You could try to call HughesNet Billing Department and see if they'll give you one. But without SAN & PIN, no amount of pointing will ever get your system up and running. The default installation satellite and transponder change every month or so as well. This is also information they try to limit to their own installer cadre.

In the mean time, reading;topic=11505.0;attach=9935 and;topic=11505.0;attach=9936 might help pass the time

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