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Aug 17th, 2006 at 12:01am  

I recently moved to the country and so was forced to get Directway Satellite Internet connection.  It is a DW7000 system.  I got it about 3 months ago and it has been ok with general browsing/searches etc.  The trouble has been in doing maintenance on my website which is hosted by Website Forge.  They have a great WYSIWYG editor that used to (when I had DSL in another location) allow me to pretty much do anything with my site.  Since I moved and switched to the satellite internet connection, I have had nothing but trouble.  This is not just uploading but downloading as well.  I am constantly being blown out of being logged in. Whenever I try to make a change to a page, the page returns a "Page Not Found" error message, if I then hit the refresh button, I get blown out of being logged in and end up back on the home page of my website host.   The text editor sticks, the pages don't reflect changes I make, and the list goes on and on. 
I am so frustrated because my website host keeps telling me it is the ISP and Direcway keeps saying that it's the ISP.  I have spent hours and hours (many of them on hold with Direcway) trying different combinations of settings on my computer, disabling anti-virus software, lowering security settings, enabling session cookies, ad nauseum. 

Does anybody know how I can get this to work?  I had previously checked into alternative satellite systems before I commited to Direcway because I read so many bad things about them on the Net (though they were from 2002 and earlier and Direcway said those problems were corrected-ha!)  The only satellite system I was able to get was Direcway.
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Reply #1 - Aug 17th, 2006 at 4:18am  
Need input.
1. what protocol are you using that keeps getting "blown out"? HTTP? FTP? HTTPS?
2. where do you live?
3. what size dish and transmitter?
4. to which satellite and transponder are you assigned?
5. what is your level of service (which service plan)?
6. in the user interface (
     a. any TX/RX errors?
     b. what is your RSL? (they might call it SQF)
     c. what is your ACP?
     d. do changes in RSL/ACP accompany the other errors you describe?

That should be enough to start


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