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Linkstar modem problems

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Aug 19th, 2006 at 8:16am  
Hello. First off: my provider is Bentley Walker.

My problem is as follows:

Yesterday I was having a serious problem with the modem resetting itself.

The modem would power up, all lights are on. the lights would stay on for 30secs, they would flash real fast and then the modem would continue booting (alarm light goes, sat light goes off). well that wasnt happening. all that was happening was the lights would remain on. they'd blink off for a second then come back on.

So I started to do my troubleshooting.

I turned the modem off,
unplugged the rg6 cables,
turned it on.
SAME problem.
what gives?
i moved on to the next step...which at this point was ( what do i do now? .. ok ok time to think. rack that brain out a little! no panic time. i will not lose $1000!!!!)

So I called a friend of mine who does vsat/idirect installations. he suggested switching the cables. rx in tx and tx in rx. so i did that. still... no go. same problem.

I then resorted back to the green rg11 cables i just got rid off. bloody hell....SAME PROBLEM.

Ok so now we know its not a cable problem. at least i hope my troubleshooting was right.

So now i am using just the rg11 cables. moving on...

I figured i'd plug in ONLY the RX cable. I started the modem. lights all on, quick flash, then continued booting. (ok. some progress)

I left it sitting there (with only RX cable plugged in) for 15 minutes. it didnt reset. WOOHOO!

I telneted into the modem. started to study the commands. got my install sheet that comes with the modem (the one that looks like a banner). Now i am convinced something has gone wrong. I know its not hardware related. I wanted a way to reset the modem. I wanted to re-do boot parameters.

So now I was on a mission. i wanted to find a way to hard reset the modem. DELETE everything and start scratch first.

The only command I found using the (?) while telneted was resethw (or was it hwreset) .. i forgot right now. that seemed to have done a reset. the modem was now rebooting with only the RX cable plugged IN!

I did pconf and started to write things down. I issued the save command with the paremeters in the install guide and the values from PCONF.

Did hw and waited..

I waited about 5 minutes. its flashing fast and of course its not gonna go stable green cause the tx cable isnt plugged in.

Its time for the moment of truth.

I turned off the modem, plugged in the tx cable. (not too tight this time. just enough of it in there) and turned it on.

The modem booted. the modem flashed. the modem was then continuing to boot.

So far so good.

Its now stable green for 3 minutes.

so far the modem ran all night stable. no resets.

I do plan on going back to the rg6 cables when i return from work today.

Any idea what may have caused this? the unit is connected to an APC 1000 UPS and the  ups is doing a great job protecting it. it has always run off the UPS. so i HIGHLY doubt its a power issue. (it's plugged into the UPS and running as we speak)

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Reply #1 - Nov 30th, 2006 at 8:19am  
Hi everyone, 

I am experiencing a problem with my LinkStar RCST. Whenever i power it on, the entire lights come on as usual and suddenly goes blank. After a second or two, it brings the power lights on as well as the ODU lights. The SAT lights never comes on or even blink. 

What can i do?
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Reply #2 - Dec 1st, 2006 at 10:17am  
is this a new RCST? is ur modem already SAT light on? if yes..check rx cable, allignment, and possibly check with your provider whether boot parameter has been changed!! good lucky

Jeleel Alade
SanS Technologies Ltd
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Reply #3 - Feb 21st, 2007 at 4:07pm  
Can any one help me out please? I have a Linkstar Modem which when the power stitch is switched On, all the LEDs come on and stay On Permanently. With the ALM being orange while the others stay green.
Help Please
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Reply #4 - Jun 28th, 2007 at 7:34pm  
Hi Aaron,

Try and see if you have a short circuit on your RF cables. one sure fire way to find out is to disconnect the RF cables one after the other, reconnect them back, which ever one makes the ALM light come on is the culprit.

Best regards

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