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Satellite service for a boat/mobile home

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Sep 1st, 2006 at 7:58pm  
Okay, so to say it quickly, I'm looking at buying a boat and living on it on the canal srunning through Scotland (the Union Canal and Forth and Cyde Canal). However, I'll be requiring internet access fairly frequently to get my work done, which is a bit difficult when cables aren't going to be accessible!

So I'm looking at satellite internet in the UK, and I'm a bit lost. So far I've figured out that I will need a two-way satellite system, as requiring a land-line to upload seems to defeat the whole point (it'd be little better than dial-up anyway for many things!), especially for me.
However, it would also need to be a dish that can connect both ways, and is either able to configure itself after moving. Doesn't have to do this while moving, though it'd be neat. If water swell (boat bobbing up and down) is likely to be an issue then it may be necessary I suppose, I wouldn't know!

I'm hoping then to get any advice on what exactly I would need to connect, and any recommended companies? Ideally it would be awesome if I could just get a suitable dish and modem, and then just sign up for any service provider, though I expect I need a license to use the dish?

As you see I know only a few things that I've learned from searches, so I'm hoping for more informed opinions or recommendations if possible.

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Reply #1 - Sep 5th, 2006 at 4:42pm  
We can supply you with a mobile solution called a Datastorm. We are also the ISP and can provide you with monthly airtime.
please visit our website www.ethnetuk.com
or call 01763 250418

The system is motorised and with one press of the button it goes up and finds the satellite. The boat must be moored with clear line of sight.

Hope this helps
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Reply #2 - Nov 30th, 2006 at 8:07pm  
It is possible to get what you require, however the service you get depends on what you spend on hardware. The key issue is you require the link to a boat, which is a constantly moving platform, ok, on a canal it is unlikely to be pitching and rolling, but it isnt a static base. Just google Stabilised antennas, these are suitable for marine applications and vary from US$20K up to over US$50K.

GPS antennas are available, but again the quality and reliability depends on the build quality. The gearing system in some of these antenna is made from acrylic gears, within time these wear. Again, if the issue here is your platform (boat) is constantly moving, even if moored it is never as stable as a dish bolted to a wall.

Basically, we can supply what you want, and provide an 2way internet satellite connection, how stable you want it to be based on the fact your in a marine environment and constantly "bobbing up and down" depends entirely on your budget.

Feel free to contact me.
Mark Bennett
0870 288 9353
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Reply #3 - Dec 19th, 2006 at 11:11am  

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