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Satellite TV dish pointing in Canada

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Eric Johnston
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Sep 23rd, 2006 at 1:48pm  
I've just been modifying my calculator page at

It should now include a view of the earth as seen from the satellite.  The page works for me but I would be interested to know if others can make the page work with different browsers and coming from different IP addresses.  

The image comes after some delay as the calculations to replot the coastline take about 10 seconds of CPU run time on the computer under my desk.  The output is a small blue gif file.   You can see similar satellite views from a random viewpoint (i.e. not just on the geo orbit) if you look at the lower right hand side of page

My next project is to draw a red line from your earth station site to the sub satellite point as this will give a good indication of the azimuth direction.

Best regards, Eric. wxw
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Reply #1 - Sep 26th, 2006 at 4:29pm  
The information provided by your calculator is very good and accurate and I have found it most useful.   

On another note, do you know if anyone able to catch any British FTA channels in Canada?
I have a motorized 39 inch dish and I seem to be able to catch most satellites that I focus on. I have been successfull in viewing many Eurpoean channels. However, I have not been able to catch any British channels whatsoever.

Has anyone been successfull in tuning into any British programming from the Toronto Area?
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