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DW6000 pointing II

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Ex Member

Nov 7th, 2006 at 8:06am  
Sorry, I should have included a lot more information so that you guys (especially "Greg USN Ret" who seems to have a lot of posts and resembling a much-needed Guru) won't think I'm a complete dumb-ass....

Anyway, I have the information for the satellite and have figured out the elevation/Az/Polarization. As surveyor, I understand the EL/AZ but not sure what the Polarization means.

I plan to mount on a pole, and of course will follow instructions regarding 'plumb' and proper pipe diameter and depth/height.

So, a few more steps regarding find tuning is what I'm looking for. I plan to use a Linsys for wireless and utilize my laptop at the pole for fine tuning.

Thanks ahead of time for any help....
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