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DW6000 pointing III

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Nov 7th, 2006 at 8:25am  
Oh yea, I meant to ask....does anybody know if the DW7000 is really any better than the DW6000?

ON another note, when I bought my setup two years ago it was with it's Hughesnet. I'm not sure I'm pleased with the service...anybody else have any troubles with the Hughesnet service dept?
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Reply #1 - Nov 7th, 2006 at 12:37pm  
For dish pointing, I suggest you drop down to;action=display;num=11627....

When switching from the DW6000 to the DW7000, the net gain is a marginally more survivable TX in inclement weather. So basically it's a DW6000 with adapting coding on the inroute (customer transmit). The HN7000S is a DW7000 with the DVB-S2 capability enabled. S2 enhances some bad weather survivability on the outroute. Only problem is, Hughes is only just now starting to phase in DVB-S2 on a transponder by transponder basis. Whether or not you'll realize the benefits immediately depends completely upon satellite/transponder assignment.

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