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DW 4000 - Satellite Speeds

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Dec 28th, 2006 at 3:43am  
I have a DW4000 System.  My service has been real slow lately.  My signal is around 86.  It was working great until around the begining of November.  Is there something I can do to get my speed back?  Here are some of my speed tests I've done.  Any help would be great.

December 23rd, 07:13PM - 164/24 kbps
December 23rd, 07:09PM - 340/23 kbps
November 23rd, 08:57AM - 1053/22 kbps
November 23rd, 08:55AM - 1116/23 kbps
November 22nd, 04:08AM - 1163/24 kbps
November 22nd, 04:07AM - 1073/26 kbps
November 21st, 10:01PM - 15/38 kbps
November 21st, 09:46PM - 4/37 kbps
November 21st, 09:33PM - 8/160 kbps
November 21st, 09:30PM - 12/37 kbps
November 21st, 07:30PM - 12/565 kbps
November 20th, 05:16AM - 891/22 kbps
November 19th, 08:04PM - 14/29 kbps
November 19th, 08:04PM - 14/29 kbps
November 19th, 08:00PM - 14/29 kbps
November 19th, 08:00PM - 14/29 kbps
November 19th, 07:56PM - 15/21 kbps
November 19th, 02:49PM - 8/610 kbps
November 19th, 02:44PM - 12/39 kbps
November 19th, 01:42PM - 72/20 kbps
November 19th, 12:48PM - 89/27 kbps
November 19th, 12:44PM - 53/27 kbps
November 14th, 06:55PM - 12/33 kbps
November 14th, 06:46PM - 10/38 kbps
November 14th, 06:45PM - 5/39 kbps
November 14th, 06:43PM - 9/35 kbps

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Reply #1 - Dec 28th, 2006 at 5:52am  
Not unexpectedly, it appears you may be on an overcrowded gateway server. Hughes is constantly load balancing, although they way they go about it I personally consider it load shedding. They have only minimum control over how many of who goes where during commissioning. So they end up moving a lot of customers around after the fact.

Since you're a DW4000 user, first thing I'd try is running WebSetup. Note your current gateway and transponder assignments first. When WebSetup completes successfully, you just might find yourself with a new transponder and gateway assignment. If there's no change, you can then call tech support and ask to be moved to a less congested gateway.

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