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Problem with throughput speeds

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Jan 4th, 2007 at 11:44am  
Hi all

I reside in Kenya. I support VSAT sale activities with one of our companies here.

One of my clients has been experiencing very low downlink speeds for his home connection. He's currently on the Small Office/Home service plan that provides an optimum 100kbps dwnlink. He shares this serivce plan one at his home and the other in office.

He points out that neither is active at the same time. either the office or home is used at a time so there is no contention.

his office connection shows the correct speed with test runs performed, but his home connection registers 30kbps and this is the highest it goes..this has been 3weeks now. My question is...what should i look into to help this client out.

I'll appreciate any feedback
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Reply #1 - Jan 5th, 2007 at 4:22pm  
dear sir ;
i am so glad to write this reply and i hope it could give you an indication to the problem .
first you didn't tell us how is your client use the vsat at two sites in the same time ? is it a wire or a wireless connection  ?
anyway , take your own laptop and connect it directly to the internet modem and check the download speed .
do that in the two sites .
if the internet is shared , do the test in diffirent timing at each site .
mostly he have a network problem .
with best regards .
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