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Looking for 2 way sat in the philippines

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Jan 14th, 2007 at 7:04am  

The internet here in the philippines has proven to be less than reliable. I already have a wifi and 2 different DSL connections just to make sure something works at all times.

I was looking to replace one of the dsl connections (the most problematic) with a 2way sat connection. I'm an american and I work over the internet in america, so staying connected is very important for me.

Bandwidth is not so much of an issue, i would be content with a 256k - 512k connection as long as it wasnt too pricey. I was hoping to stay somewhere in the range of 50-100$/mo for the connection. If I can get a 2mbit or 3mbit down and 512k up I would def take it though.

I was looking for a sat company who served asia but had their NOC based in the US. This might be hard to come by, as it would require either sat to sat communication (which there are only 1 or 2 companies who do) or a few land-> sat connections to hop across to america.

If that is not doable, or is too pricey, I would take a NOC that is based in malaysia, japan, india, singapore, or thailand. (NOT CHINA, i want to still be able to use the internet and not be filtered for everything)

I'm in cebu city, cebu, philippines.

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Reply #1 - Aug 4th, 2009 at 8:06am  

I am working in a Satellite Internet Provider here in the Philippines (Teleglobal of the Philippines Inc. Our satellite is Koreasat-5 and we cover the whole philippines. We offer stable and reliable internet connection.

for initial payment you will have to pay:
Installation Cost: P25,000.00 + Actual Cost(Shipment of antenna and transportation of 1 engineer)
1 Month Advance: P10,000.00 ( will be used in the first month of subscription)
1 Month Security Deposit: P10,000.00 (refundable after the 1 year contract)

Data rate: 1mpbs download / 128kbps Upload (burstable)
(this is the lowest data rate we can offer)

For your further inqueries please feel free to call or e-mail me to the contact informations provided below.


Kriselda Monica Cortez
Direct Sales Coordinator
Teleglobal of the Philippines
(632) 9327717
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