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NSS-6 Signals

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Ex Member

Jan 17th, 2007 at 12:30pm  
Hi ,

I need some help. I am using a 1.2m dish and not receiveing  12647/H/27500 tp.

I have no problems in getting the following :

10977/H/27500 , 11037/H/40700 , 11172/H/27500 , 12535/H/27500 , 12535/V/40700 , 12595/H/40700 ,
12595/V/40700 , 12647/V/27500 , 12688/V/27500 AND 12729/V/27500

The connections are as follows :

Echostar Dual LNB --> Two way Power Pass Splitter --> STB

I am only using one out put each from the LNB and Splitter.

If I connect without the splitter I loose 12535/H/27500 and 12535/V/40700 TP.

My total cable length is 25m & my lat 24.12 N & Lon 55.45 E.

What should I do to receive 12647/H/27500 tp ??

Thnx & rgds - JMSP
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