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Installing satellite TV in England, UK

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Ex Member

Feb 21st, 2007 at 5:30pm  
Hi Please can someone help we are in england and trying to install satalite, we have a star track550d receiver and have an 80 cm dish we have taken the old sky dish down and connected the new dish to the wiring that was already there for sky but we are only able to get 60% signal so unable to get any channels the channels we really want are the tunisian ones hope someone can help Thankyou
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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Feb 21st, 2007 at 6:19pm  
Change back to the Sky receiver.   If all is well, perhaps with an improved signal then your problem is with the new receiver.   Read its manual and work out how to tune it and change frequency bands and polarisation.

If there are no signals with the Sky receiver then the problem is with your new antenna installation.  Is the LNB cable properly connected ?  The centre pin of the coax should stick out 2mm above the rim of the F connector and should smoothly insert properly into the LNB socket.  The coax outer braid must make good connection as well. As a rule I would suggest new cable in every installation.  Use self amalgamating tape on the outdoor connector to seal out moisture. This is important since cheap cables often have an aluminised mylar tape as the outer conductor for the signals and the aluminium film quickly degrades with the slightest moisture.

Have you set the dish pointing and optimised the polarisation angle ?  You will need a meter or the signal display from the receiver to peak up.  As a guide for the elevation angle go to this page:  You will need to peak the polarisation by measurement.  Turn the feed/LNB polarisation either way till the signal is degraded by exactly equal amounts and then halve the angle.
Best regards, Eric.  
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