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Questions about VSAT Setup

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Mar 14th, 2007 at 3:24pm  
Hello all,
Hoping someone here can help me out.

We recently just purchased a new VSAT service, 1024kb/512k down/up, SCPC/SCPC both ways.

The modem is a Comtech 600L CDM
Router is a 2600 Cisco
The original BUC we were to use is a  BUC Mitec 8 Watt Ku-Band BUC, 70dB gain. Model WTX-14014539-70-ES-25
We have two of these, the other one is a
BUC Mitec 8 Watt Ku-Band BUC, 70dB gain. Model WTX-14014539-70-ES-35

It has a power cable that runs to our commo shed along with the IT equipment.
Both of these units power on and were known to be working before we received.

Our new VSAT installer, could not get the transmit chain to work at all with either of the bucs. At first they said the first one is faulty. Then they said one was 2 WATT and one was 3 watt, and that we needed at least a 4 watt BUC.

The ISP installed a Ku-BAND 4W BUC, MODEL NJT5017F
Output: 14.0 - 14.5 GHZ

This unit does not have a power source (120/220v) like our other bucs do.

The internet does work with this new BUC.

However, my concern is that we are going to pay 4500 bucks for a new BUC when we have two existing bucs that are operational, and our ISP can't figure out how to use them. (These guys haven't been to impressive so far).

So my question is, are the BUCS we have compatible for the setup we have?
What could be the issue causing them not to work?
I have pictures of the satellite install with the old BUC if needed.

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Reply #1 - Mar 15th, 2007 at 8:04am  

I e-mailed you some pictures of the original BUC setup that they could not get working. We are locared in the International Zone, IQ
Do you have anyone in here?

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