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Apr 26th, 2007 at 10:58am  
Benefits of the new platform
1) The new platform will enable uplink speed up to 1.6 Mbps and download speed capacity of 45 Mbps (subject to your subscription plan).
2) Turbo page software on the new technology coupled with DVBS-2 will give you a super fast web browsing experience.
3) The new platform DVBS-2 comes coupled with ACM. In KU band, ACM will become very important during the rains. All existing KU band VSAT's will cut off and loose it's link. ACM, only available with, DVBS-2 adjusts the VSAT during rain, so while your speed may slow down, it will still keep the link alive. The link only gets cut off during high and extreme rains and stormy conditions. This is a huge advantage over any KU band VSAT platform in the world.
4) If you decide to upgrade to a higher plan or dedicated plan (SCPC) or C-Band, same modem will be used and has the capability of carrying the bandwidths as high as 1.6 Mbps (Uplink) and 45 Mbps (downlink)
5) Uptimes will be higher since the new hub will be managed in USA under supervision of professional staff.
6) The new VSAT modem HN-7000 is vertical, slim and easy to transport and consumes less power for equivalent bandwidth.
7) Your outdoor unit will be more powerful i.e. 2 watt BUC instead of a 1 watt BUC currently.
Hughes Network Advantage
Pioneers and leaders in Satellite Technology
Pioneers in High Speed, IP-based Satellite Networks
Invented VSAT in 1983
Over 1,000,000 modems sold over 100 countries
Over 60% market share world wide.

DVB-S2 Advantage

Most latest and advanced Satellite transmission technique (to be introduced now in Europe and USA and being brought by us to Africa at the same time)
The performance gain is 30% more than DVB-S
Supports QPSK, 8PSK,16APSK & 32APSK
Cost effective
Adaptive coding used
Supports multiple applications
Uses FEC system based on BCH Code with low density parity check. Performance close to 0.7 dB from the Shannon limit
I) Shared Bandwidth
S.No Subscription Plan (Kbps) Subscription Price Per Month (Naira) Subscription Payable Quarterly (Naira) Hardware and Installation Price (Naira) Total Payable (Naira)
1 80/156kbps  63,000(3month) 90,000 total cost 153,000
2 80/225kbps 78,750(3month) 90,000 total cost 168,750
3 128/300kbps 110,250 (3month)90,000 total cost  200,250
VAT (5%) is inclusive in the above prices & the prices are net of any deductions of Withholding taxes.
Subscription is payable quarterly in advance for shared bandwidth plans while monthly on dedicated bandwidth.
For installations outside Lagos, Abuja & PHC, the Over head cost of engineers will be charged Naira 25,000 extra.
Transportation of equipments to sites other than Lagos, Abuja and PH will be additional cost on actual .
Payment towards Hardware cost will be 100% in advance along with the LPO and Service Agreement.
Installation will be completed in Four to Five weeks from the date of LPO and receipt of advance payments.
The above installation cost does not include any internal networking or installation of Value Added Services.


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Reply #1 - May 1st, 2007 at 2:19am  
i have interest in your service pls give me your bandwidth pricelist with number of system and the hardware cost. thanks.

Fola Qazim Oredeko
Hi-Speed Computers
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