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Looking For home Dish to receive all FTA  Channels

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May 21st, 2007 at 4:44am  

I'm from India (Kerala).  New to this forum . Interested in Satellite Community , Looking to have a personal Satellite TV receiver which is able to receive all Free to Air available.
How can get Universal LNB with Dish at an affordable price. Any one help me , how i shld search ? were i can get a (universal receiver , means free to receive all FTA channels )

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Reply #1 - May 21st, 2007 at 8:46pm  
Some suggestions:

If possible get a C-band dish and a dual C/KU band lnb.
This is a bigger dish 1.6m is good enough but lets you see all channels on satellite as both C and KU has FTA / free channels and pay-per-view.

Look for one that has frequent updates and good support.
Also you can have a receiver box or a computer with a pci card that does satellite "dvb-s" carefull of twinhan very temperamental "twinhan"
"Coolsat" is doing nice things with eth connection and hard drive to record shows like a vcr. Same as "Dreambox" and "DGS Mutant" relook etc.

Motor/actuator is good if you do not want to move the dish by hand = much easier with motor and lets you see many satellites but much easier once installed = press button and dish finds satellite. Smiley

Most new receivers has FTA + pay-per-view capable and is in both C-band and KU-band and can also move the dish provided it has a H-H motor for 1.2m or smaller and Actuator + v-box for 1.3m or bigger.
Some receivers can also move the 36V actuator directly no v-box needed this way.
H-H motor = 14V/18V 250mA
Actuator = 36V via V-box II or Receiver 36V.

Channels = yellow / orange or ; F

I own 2x90cm dishes + 1 sg2100 hh motor and 2x single universal lnb's = okay but really a waist of time/money.

*No C-band that is also on same satellite Sad
*2x single universal lnb's is really for 2 receivers 1 dish/lnb per receiver but can be connected 2 to 1 needs switch 2x1 or 4x1 power passing. Sad

*Better way = 2x dual universal lnb's each has 2 ports 1 for H/L and 1 for R/V and should have gotten a 4x4 switch = faster channel changes as both R and H is active via switch and then connect to 1 to 4 receiver.

Dish: 1.6m minm.

LNB: C/KU lnb

Help to install pages:

Signal meter:

or same but shop around.

You will need a dish + dish mount + lnb + receiver + rg6/rg11 cable + cable F connectors + compass north / south + signal meter the cheap analog sf95 is nice but like a mother in law LOL , try to get the JVI 10-Signaloc or use the receiver's signal meter if accurate.

Cable + F-connector try to get big roll for say $60 for 1000Feet/ 300M if needing long distance and F-connector compression tool / compression connector.

If having a motor or actuator there is a limmit from receiver / mover / v-box to hh motor / actuator check on this if doing this , get some advice about this.

My 90cm dish + 1.2m hh-motor has max 75Feet or about 30m if more it will not move it .

Also if gettig small dish / KU dish only + motor get a moter from big name company as the grey / cheap clones has movement on it making the dish dance around in the wind =   Sad  actuators apparently does not have this problem.

Hope this gets you started , shout if you need more help.
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Reply #2 - May 21st, 2007 at 8:52pm  
Have to check but Kerala is about 8.0North and about 76East
Kottarakara / Quilon if speeling is correct is about 9N 76.7E no idea check airports close to you for North / East numbers.
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Reply #3 - May 22nd, 2007 at 8:19am  
Does any one can help me on this...!!!

Am planing to buy DTH of DD Plus (Doordarshan). bcoz of cost affordable

If there option in DD plus DTH for receiving other FTA channels as well.??

I think DD plus is on NSS 6 Satellite.

mainly one FTA channel am looking to have is on  Intelsat 10 or Badr C and Badr 4.

Is that possible for me to get that channel in same DD plus STB , need any Software upgradation . Or just changing the Dish Antenna position will work??
Please help me.....

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