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Re: Bandwidth Issue

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Jul 31st, 2007 at 4:53pm  

01. If Upstream carrier 512 kbps (QPSK, FEC 0.66) occupies how much Satellite Space Segment in MHz?
02. If Downstream of 1536 kbps (QPSK, FEC 0.793) occupies how much Satellite Space Segment in MHz?

Ask your iDirect representative for an iNPT (iDirect Network Planning Tool).  It allows you to punch in Kbps/Mbps and get back KHz/MHz.  With a 1.35 KHz guard band, 512 Kbps inroute will require about .676 MHz and a 1536 Kbps outroute will require about 1.341 MHz

03. Is it possible use 8PSK Modulation with iDirect HUB (with 2.4m dish & 2watt BUC at REMOTE)?

That will depend on the satellite signal strength and the size of the carrier.

04. GuardBand occupies how much B/W?

The answer will depend on the satellite used and the amount of guard band required by the satellite vendor.  It varies from satellite to satellite.  This will typically range from 1 - 1.4 KHz

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