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Satellite TV Reception in Australia

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Ex Member

Aug 1st, 2007 at 6:13am  
Dear All,

I would like to know the signal strength of some Asiasat 3S FTA signals in Australia. Can someone help me to check it out? Please let me know your antenna size.

Carrier 1:
Frequency: 4020Mhz, V Pol.
Symbol Rate: 27.250Msys.
FEC: 3/4.

Carrier 2:
Frequency: 3745Mhz, V Pol.
Symbol Rate: 2.626Msys.
FEC: 3/4.

Carrier 3:
Frequency: 3760Mhz, H Pol.
Symbol Rate: 26.000Msys.
FEC: 7/8.

Carrier 4:
Frequency: 4000Mhz, H Pol.
Symbol Rate: 26.850Msys.
FEC: 7/8.

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