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Linkstar terminals to purchase

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Aug 16th, 2007 at 12:52pm  
Can anyone suggest a source for purchase of Linkstar terminals, to include dish and BUC, where I don't have to purchase space segment aswell.


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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Aug 16th, 2007 at 1:16pm  
Try the "VSATs for sale and wanted" section of the forum.  This recent posting is perhaps what you are after: Linkstar Modems BUCs LNBs For Sale (Updated Aug 6) where there were 900 LinkStar modems for sale.

Be careful that any LinkStar modem you buy is not locked.  Many are sold at a discount and will not be unlocked till the customer has paid a complete year or whatever of space segment and the supplier has covered their costs.

Also be careful about LNB and BUC frequencies. Downlink carrier frequencies need specific LNB LO frequencies. Uplink bands vary around the world - and with satellite, of course.

In rare cases, a co-pol linear OMT is required instead of the usual x-pol OMT.  In the case of C band you will need linear or circular polarisation OMT.

Note that the antenna as a whole must not cause interference to other satellites services, either on the same satellite or on the opposite polarisation.  Unless you can satisfy the service provider that your kit has good sidelobe patterns etc then they should refuse to let you operate.  So make sure any antenna/feed/OMT you buy is, as whole assembly, type approved by the service provider.  Eutelsat, for example, require high x-pol isolation over the full 1 dB transmit beamwidth.

Ask the satellite service provider first about frequencies, LNB, BUC, polarisation and dish size before buying hardware that may prove not to be useable.

Best regards, Eric.  
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Reply #2 - Sep 13th, 2007 at 3:57pm  
Dear Sir,
we can sell linkstar kit without service, please contact us for further details.

Best regards
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Aldo Fabiani
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Reply #3 - Sep 13th, 2007 at 9:51pm  
Why looking to buy while we offer free Vsat equipment and unbeatable bandwith offer.

Brand New Vsat Hardwares includes:-
1.8m C-band Antenna,
5watt BUC, LNB
iDirect inifinite series 3100
and 30m IFL CABLES.

Bandwith includes:-
64/64 kbps 1:1 dedicated for $700/ month.
512/1024 20:1 shared for $700
256/512 10:1 shared for $700.

Service Agreement for 1year bandwith payable and get activated free of charge.

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