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IDirect 3000 : Rx never goes green  !

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Ex Member

Aug 5th, 2007 at 1:14pm  
Hi all ,

I'm using Idirect 3000 , 1.8 Dish, Ku-Band , on Pas10
Three days ago I've started to have problems getting the Rx indicator green.

When I check with my digital SAT finder ( which is pre-set to look at PAS10) I will get a very good signal ! but when I attach the SAT modem I still can't get it locked to the satellite ( Rx blinks orange).

Can anyone please help me with this ? what could be going wrong with my SAT system ?

Thank you and kind regards,
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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Aug 5th, 2007 at 3:52pm  
Note that a digital satfinder may detect PAS10, even if the dish is mispointed slightly or your downlink iDirect carrier is switched off.

Some ideas:

The dish has moved slightly.  Examine closely. Adjust slightly.

The iDirect outlink carrier to you is low level or turned off.  Check with your service provider.

An orange voltage indicates power (noise or carriers from any satellite) being received.  Your rx will only go green when the carrier parameters in the configuration file match the downlink carrier being received and the demodulator locks onto the carrier.  The green display is then signal quality.  

If this is a new installation, have you the correct configuration file loaded and set the polarisation adjustment angle accurately?.  Some digital satellite meters (e.g. BIRDOG) may recognise the satellite by locking to a recognised Tv carrier, but this may be on the opposite polarisation to your wanted iDirect downlink carrier.   Set the polarisation to the nominal named starting position, horizontal or vertical, then rotate the required adjustment angle clockwise (+) or anticlockwise (-), while facing towards the satellite.

Best regards, Eric.
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Reply #2 - Aug 6th, 2007 at 12:16pm  
Are you doing a manual acquisition or do you have an auto acquire system?

Like Eric said above, the dish is probably a bit off. recommend you peak and pol your system with controllers (IOC) and if you are still not able to achieve a lock on that downstream carrer, start looking at your Recieve RF chain starting with the LNB all the way to the Satellite router (swap the LNB and any cabling if possible)

I would not doubt it if you are receiving a carrier from an adjacent spacecraft.  That happens quite a bit with manual acquisition customers.  With only 2 degrees seperation in orbital slotting this is quite common.
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Regards, &&&&M
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Reply #3 - Aug 16th, 2007 at 11:24pm  
if you have Isite (Idirect software for installers), log in to the modem , normally is the IP modem(gateway in your LAN) plus admin\iDirect

if  you may log in , right click on th emodem icon and go to align antenna , then to antenna pointing , couple of enter and you get the graphical voltmeter.

the nice of this signal level volmeter is that it will be red yellow or green according your signal strengh.
no way of miss   a satellite, if it's red is becouse your off the right satellite.
if you were locked (satellite+right transponder)maybe   your dish had been moved , or your LNB and\or cabling  is wrong .
if you look in  the back of the unit  LED for PWR LNB and is green means that modem is sourcing power properly.
if is red means that no power is out.
check those points and may be i can help you

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