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Help with aiming dish to AM22.

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Jan 11th, 2008 at 2:27pm  
I am having issues finding AM22 using iSite and a 3000 series modem. Elevation, azimuth and polarity are set as described in the iSite dish aiming screen. Start off 20 deg off with .3 volts on the graph. Swing the dish and try and peak up I can locate two distinct signals, and only two. They are quite close together. Besides these two signals, the entire sky within a 20 deg swing either direction and plus/minus 20 deg elevation is empty and shows .3 volts. The first satellite I can get up to 2.3 volts but no matter what adjustment is made, it will go no higher. The second satellite will go to 2.55 volts, again, no matter the adjustments it will go no higher. I have tried every combination of elevation, azimuth and polarity but could not get either to lock on to anything.

I am curious if the option file sent by Bently Walker is set up correctly for my ODU using an Andrews 1.2m on AM22. Is there something I am missing trying to lock on to AM22? Any help is appreciated.
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Reply #1 - Jan 11th, 2008 at 6:13pm  

  where r u form? ... AM22 is so easy to get signal, sure u get many signal but dont pass 3volt its reflections.. tray agine with finding i am sure you will get it but specify your location ..
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