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Will this LNB work?

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Ex Member
Ex Member

Jan 16th, 2008 at 7:42pm  
Quick question:

Can I swap a NJR2537S lnb for a NJR2184F lnb on a Linkstar application (W6)?

They seem to have the same stats 10.95-11.7Ghz, 10Ghz local.  Is there any advantage to using one over the other?  Thanks
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Eric Johnston
Senior Member

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Reply #1 - Jan 16th, 2008 at 8:59pm  
Read here http://www.njr.co.jp/e_frame/ef_05mc_02.html

The NJR2537 is an internal reference, phase lock loop PLL type.

The NJR2184 is a cheap DRO type.

The NJR2537 is a superior replacement, but if you are receiving a wide bandwidth QPSK outlink carrier, as is typical for a LinkStar system, you are unlikely to notice any difference.

The PLL type is needed when you are receiving a small carrier, such as SCPC, where the frequency error may mean you miss the carrier completely.  Also, small carriers and carriers with 8-PSK or 16-QAM modulation are more sensitive to phase noise and benefit from PLL type LNBs.  

Note that an external reference PLL LNB will not work unless the modem has a facility to send a 10 MHz reference up the LNB cable and has the reference turned on.

Best regards, Eric.
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