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Starting from scratch

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Ex Member

Jan 31st, 2008 at 3:30pm  
I got a 1.8 M dish and idirect 3000 remote router that was uprooted from a nearby location. It pretty much arrived with the above items, a hand written note of the azimuth and elevation for the new location that were setting it up at, and no more info than that except that it worked fine at the other location.  I surfed the net and I see that I need isite software and a network specific options file for this thing to work. I also saw that you can't use just any version of isite software.

I don't know if it's possible to reconnect it to the network by myself, but if I could how would I do it?

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Reply #1 - Feb 1st, 2008 at 3:17pm  
yeees man you can do it believe me i maKe 3 site up but last one Sad

still i don't Know why

i can tell you some information technicality not specific whit details i get the information by test 
first check the 3100 type if its 3100 full or NB" Narrow band "
2end checK the BUC and the LNB and the antainaa type size , model number all deitall by visting each part manfacter or povider and see the manual

3- check whit resalers about the price and the service in which satellite can cover your area well whit your antainaa size

4-get you location point from GPS"long and lat " or googel earth "not professional way "

5- ask the service provider about the service policies and the terms liKe locking the modem or cancellation fee
also always ask about the test for the service "before you bay the service" also its chance to check your hardware

6-after you finish the above proceeder the resaler give you the option file and the upgrad for the modem and the proper isite ver that can worK perfect whit your modem

7- point you antaina and don't forget to ask them about plorizetion type  circular or lenier to get there signal
and the transmit plorizetion to be able to send your data to the satellite

8- in the pointing you can use the same LNB and connect it to the analog/digital receiver liKe the one used for the TV or by the idirect "isite"

if you have any question start whit How or why bacK to the internet or post it here  Smiley

also fiend the full manual for the idirect 3100 it will help you any way 

thanK you

*im not professional
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Eric Johnston
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Reply #2 - Feb 1st, 2008 at 10:27pm  
I would take care not to alter the polarisation and just put the dish up at the same elevation angle as before.  Connect up the modem and swing the dish sideways till the modem RX LED locks up.  Then point accurately by halving the az and el movements either side of the satellite - where the RX LED just goes out.  Have the modem at the antenna. 

Having finished the dish set up then try connecting a PC and running a scanner program to find the IP address of the modem or ask the previous owner what IP addresses to use (gateway IP, subnet mask and IP address range for your PCs).

If the previous people have paid a subscription that has not yet expired then it may still work.

You need to contact the previous owner to find out who the service provider was and to arrange for continuing payments.

Don't interfere with the software in the modem till you understand what you are doing.  Gather information - iDirect installation, user guides etc first.

If something works (as it did just before you had it) don't fix it !.

Best regards, Eric.
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