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iDirect 3100 net

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Feb 3rd, 2008 at 6:46pm  

I have an iDirect 3100 which i can not activate because what ever we do it would not join network (i.e. net is off). 

The modem is not locked, GPS is correct  and on the same site we have tested other modems they work fine.

there is something wrong with the modem. 

CAN any one help please.

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Reply #1 - Feb 3rd, 2008 at 7:51pm  
What iDS version are you using?

I am working under the assumption that you have confirmed with your service provider that he has your 3100 modem built into the proper network with its correct model type, serial number, IP address and Remote RFT requirements.  

Since you say you have no NET light, that indicates to me that you have a recieve light?  Do you have a receive light?  If so, from telnet type rx snr and tell me what it says?

Is your Tx light illuminated?  

What leads you to believe that your GPS is correct?  Have you spoken to the hub and confirmed the D.M.S hardcode?  

If your Rx and Tx light are illuminated I recommend the following:

1. Double check your cables and their connections
2. Check and double check your GPS (with the HUB)
3. While you are on the phone with the hub have them check your initial Tx power setting to ensure that it is properly set (in the event you may be under or over-powering the configured UCP for your beam).
4. All else fails, consider having the hub/controllers bring you up CW (pure carrier) on a lonley chunk of Xponder for the spacecraft you are using to see if you are radiating at all (unless you have a specan handy?)

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