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Reducing the Cost of Broadband Internet Access

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Feb 18th, 2008 at 2:29pm  
The Pay-As-You-Go concept eliminates the need to make monthly bandwidth payments for Internet access, which inherently means that a site cannot be disconnected from the Internet.

If you are a reseller or cybercafe for example  buy a batch of vouchers for 25000 Naira (app 200 US Dollars):

250 * 60 mins voucers
150 * 30 mins voucher

Do not pay anything else until you have exhaused all your vouchers, this may be in 2 months, 6 months or 18 months.

This changes the dynamics on how Internet access is made affordable and sustainable across Africa,

We have successfully implemented several sites in West Africa, Northern Nigeria and the Niger Delta.

To coincide with a year of providing Broadband Pay-As-You-Go access, we are please to announce that National distributors, Local distributors, cybercafés and venue owners can purchase Hourly Internet access vouchers, with prices ranging from N25 - N75 Naira (17 US cents - 50 US cents).

Access is available through VSAT, Wireless and other connection technologies.

For further information contact the sales team at

Voucher denominations range from 30 minutes to 365 days.

HookMeUp (HMU) is a broadband service provider we offer VSAT and Wi-Fi hardware, satellite and terrestrial bandwidth services and global customer support.

For further information visit

Bandwidth speeds start at 128/512Kbps.

References available on request.

Contact us today and save bandwidth costs and provide access to new areas with no bandwidth cost to you.
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