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Connecting Linkstars C and Ku-Band

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Feb 18th, 2008 at 8:32pm  
HookMeUp (HMU) is a broadband service provider we offer VSAT and Wi-Fi hardware, satellite and terrestrial bandwidth services and global customer support.

For further information visit

If you have a Linkstar Modem do you want to change your mode of subscriptions:
a) monthly or pay-as-you-go
b) disconnections for non-payment or permanently online

Each VSAT is should always be on-line.

Lets reactivate your modem without charging a monthly bandwidth cost.  Once activated your VSAT will remain on our Bandwidth-on-Demand PAYG network.

No additional hardware or software is required.

If you are a reseller or cybercafe for example  buy a batch of vouchers for 25000 Naira (app 200 US Dollars):

250 * 60 mins vouchers
150 * 30 mins vouchers

Do not pay anything else until you have exhaused all your vouchers, this may be in 2 months, 6 months or 18 months.

This changes the dynamics on how Internet access is made affordable and sustainable across Africa,  

With speeds of 128/512 Kbps and prices as low as 25 Naira or 17 cents for each hour pin, you can restart your commercial endeavours without the worry of being disconnected for lack of bandwidth payment.

There is no minimum payment each month and there is no monthly bandwidth payment demand.

The speeds are consistent.

Look at some end user indicative pricing,

References available on request.

Contact us if you have an interested in engaging in a sustainable affordable high-speed VSAT solution.

Application specific pricing also available....
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