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WildBlue - Fraud & Poor Customer Service

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Feb 20th, 2008 at 1:48am  
Is there anyone who can advise what government or other watchdog agencies I can contact about this??

We got signed up with a residential account with WildBlue about 4 months ago.  After adding security cameras to the house we needed to switch to a static IP to support remote camera access.  That is when the fun began...

1st call:  WildBlue customer service866-945-3250 .  Wait time 18 minutes.  Cell phone ran out of battery & had to hang up before I reached anyone. 

2nd call: WildBlue customer service 866-945-3250.  Wait time 48 minutes.  Was told I had to contact Direct TV as we got the TV/internet package through them.  Said I needed the Enterprise Solution. 

3rd call:  Direct TV.  Wait time 3 minutes.  They said they were unable to help me - they just sign people up for WildBlue.  They are unable to access any records or advise me which package I need to get a static IP address.

4th call:  Company listed under WildBlue home/business page as a dealer -Middletown Electronics 302-378-7133.  They said they would have someone who could help call me back (still no call back from them)

5th call:  Company listed under WildBlue home/business page as a dealer – Powerplay 888-205-1549.  They said they couldn’t help with business solutions & I needed to call WildBlue.

6th call:  WildBlue customer service 866-945-3250.  Wait time 22 minutes.  Julian said he couldn’t help me – this was the residential customer service.  He told I need to contact NRTC as they are the ones who could put us on the Business packages.  They were unable to quote prices or features and unable to switch plans for me.  Told me I would need to call WildBlue customer service again after I signed up for the Enterprise Solution so they could stop the residential service.   

7th call:  NRTC 866-646-2583  - on hold for 1 ˝ hrs.  No one picked up the phone.

8th call:  WildBlue 866-945-3250.  Hold time 17 minutes.  Felix said this was the retail customer service (this was different from what last customer service rep said).  Said I needed to go onto web page & click the business solutions link to get list of dealers who could help me.  I told him I had done that & related my experience.  He said he couldn’t help.  I asked to speak with a supervisor.  He said there were none available, but he could have one call back between 24 – 48 hrs.  He said they wouldn’t be able to help me either.  I left a call-back number for a supervisor.

9th call: Company listed under WildBlue business/government page as a dealer – Amtech 800-681-0924.  They said they could provide static IP address it’s only $10/month more.  They said in order to switch WildBlue may try to charge me the balance of the 2 year contract AND $100 hook-up fee.  They would check this & get back to me.

10th call:  Received call from a supervisor at WildBlue.  She was unable to help me.  Said I needed to talk to Amtech.  I explained my conversation with them & said I will not pay any cancel fees.  She said she couldn’t help & I needed to talk to cancellation dept.  She transferred me to Tiffny in cancellation dept.  Tiffny said as I was canceling the WildBlue contract I would have to pay the 2 year cancellation  fee (about $1,300).  She said although Amtech is listed on the WildBlue web page as a WildBlue business/government provider, they are not part of WildBlue.  (Their web page disagrees with this).

I have now filed with the Better Business Bureau and the Fair Trade Commission.  WildBlue is not providing any customer support – their reps are clueless.  They are also committing fraud when they try to collect cancellation fees when we try to switch from residential WildBlue to business WildBlue service.
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Reply #1 - Feb 21st, 2008 at 4:49am  
Have you thought of something like DynDns. I use it but only have one camera sending still photos, it has worked for me for a couple years now.
I did have to switch to using a Website server instead of serving it myself. Don't know if they blocked my server or what but now I just FTP the stills to the webserver and don't have to worry about breaking TOS.
Would work just as well with video but would use too much bandwidth.
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