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HNS PES 5000 Hubs and HNS components for Sale.

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Feb 26th, 2008 at 2:19pm  
We have multiple HNS PES 5000 hubs for sale.  It has the latest version of equipment.  They are still powered on and have been in service since 1999. They are in excellent condition.  If you are interested, I can provide photos and more information.  We can also provide the installation as well, and offer a warranty.  Below is an inventory of the equipment that comes with it.  We can offer them for USD$14K each or two hubs for $25K.

We also carry a wide variety of HNS equipment.  From a whole network to one component, we have plenty of equipment available with warranty.
Baseband Equipment   
The Baseband racks consist of:   
Qty 2 NCC2ís   
Qty 2 Super Lim MIB Gateways the Ethernet rear interface cards   
Qty 3 Super Lim front cards with 3 RS530 port rear interface cards (We can change these to Ethernet if required)   
Qty 3 card cages with the bus repeater/terminator cards   
Qty 8 VICOR power supplies   
Qty 1 10 Mb Ethernet hub   
Qty 1 Blower   
Qty 1 Alarm Panel   
IF Equipment   
The IF racks consist of:   
Qty 3 card cages with the bus repeater and terminator cards   
Qty 1 Network Distribution Panel   
Qty 1 System Distribution Panel   
Qty 2 UMODs   
Qty 4 DTM/DCM/SFM BCD cards (BCD for the PES 5000)   
Qty 8 Vicor power supplies   
Qty 1 Blower   

Please E-mail me at richie@gesvsat.com for more details
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