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iDirect 5000 series

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Mar 10th, 2008 at 5:33pm  
hello there,

i was using iSite application ver 7.0.5 to monitor my internet traffic in my network.

however, upon login on the system it was showing this (iSCPC + my IP address) deactivate. i am login as a user only.

i contacted my service provider they told me that this problem is related to PC desktop or laptop configuration.

any other idea or solutions please to fix my problem.

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Reply #1 - Mar 10th, 2008 at 11:18pm  
Your provider is probably right.


1.  The TCP/IP properties to ensure your laptop is in the same subnet as your iDirect modem.  

*If I am insulting your intelligence, I apologize upfront.
-My Network Places
-View Network connections (left side of the screen)
-Local Area Connection (double click)
-Highlight  TCP/IP properties in the window and click properites. 

Ensure your cleint IP address, mask and gateway (which is the idirects LAN interface-eth0) are all right.  If your laptop isnt in the same subnet, you arent going to connect to it. (networking 101)

2. Check your ethernet cable if the above doesnt work.
3. Try logging in as admin

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