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3000 vs 5000 series

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Mar 30th, 2008 at 9:13am  
I have a small sized WISP and I am trying to get the best modem for the value and buck amount.

i am trying to decide whether the 5000 series is better suited for my needs or is the 3000 good enough?
(currently have and use the 3100)
5100: $2995
3100: $1785
although the new 3100 in baghdad runs for $1300 and the 5100 is $5000 i believe. messy prices.

I realize this is a very broad question but perhaps someone can shed some light on this.

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Reply #1 - Mar 30th, 2008 at 5:40pm  
What kind of services do you plan to hang from this iDirect unit?


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Reply #2 - Mar 30th, 2008 at 8:08pm  
probably both but like i said its a small to mid-size wisp for now

I cant exactly say i can afford a $2000 plan at the moment so nothing fancy
maybe max if i get rich enough would be 1meg 1:2 or 1:3

who knows.

i just want to know if the cost of the 5100 is justifiable vs the 3100 ...
i also know the 5100 has an 8 port switch an internal fan?

pls advise.
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Reply #3 - Apr 1st, 2008 at 5:15pm  
The 3100 has a smaller processor and less memory than a 5100:

3100:  266 MHz/64MB SDRAM/16MB Flash
5100:  533 MHz/128 MB SDRAM/32 MB Flash

The 3100 supports about half as many TCP sessions as the 5100 - about 1000 versus 2000 depending on what else the modem is doing such as NAT, DNS Caching, etc.

The packet per second forwarding rates on the 5100 are about 20% better, so it can support more VoIP lines.  (About 12 for the 3100 and 18 for the 5100 depending on what else it is also doing). 

The 5100 can be loaded with software to run iSCPC, so if you outgrow the shared service, your customer can migrate to iSCPC.  The 3100 can not run iSCPC.  (The little (i) in front of iSCPC means it runs IP over SCPC.  It is not a "clear channel" SCPC modem.  It only runs IP. 

Your price you listed for the 3100 is reasonable, but the 5100 shouldn't cost $5000.  It should cost about $1000 more than the 3100. 

Yes, the 5100 has an 8-port switch and the 3100 does not.  Neither the 3100 nor 5100 has an internal fan.  The 7000 series (designed for telecom operators and larger customers) does have an internal fan.   

I generally recommend a 5000 if there are going to be more than 100 PCs using the service, or if there is going to be a lot of VoIP traffic, or some other application that generates a lot of small packets.  I also recommend the 5100 if I think the customer will outgrow the shared service and need to migrate to iSCPC.

Hope that helps,

Pat Gannon
Business Satellite Solutions, LLC.
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