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Eugene Stewart or Gene Stewart

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Apr 1st, 2008 at 9:32am  

Has anybody ever heard of this guy? He has taken my money for a system, but so far failed to deliver.

Anybody had dealings with him before? I urge caution if you are contacted by this person. He replied to a message from this forum.

If you have, please let me know...



Story so far:

Had a message in response to my requirement for a satellite system for my cafe in Bohol.


"Iain, I am a American living in Angeles City, Philippines. If you wish to contact me at 639093081280, call or text me. I can give you the information you need for the satellite internet in Cebu. Gene Stewart "

Seems to be available on phone numbers:


1-303-997-3123 (callcentrix)

Using email address's:

Has a bank account under:

Bank: Philippine National Bank, Angeles City Branch Account Name: Elvira and/or Eugene Stewart

When contacted, he offered me a system:


"Iain, The required satellite equipment is as follows: 1. 1.2 meter antenna 2. 2 watt BUC 3. LNB 4. Linksys Satellite Modem Total Equipment Cost $1,595 Monthly bandwidth cost for 512 Kbps $199 If you want to use VoIP so you can have a telephone number in US, UK, wherever else for unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, with all custom calling features, you would need a router and a VoIP SIP telephone. If you want to have mobility with the phone, I would suggest a wireless router and VoIP phone combo.Depending on the features, the prices can range from $75 to over $300 for the pair. As far as installation goes, you pay my airfare ( 3,688 pesos ) and hotel there in Buhol. Respectfully, Gene Stewart USA 1-970-373-0805 Philippines 63-929-477-1717"

It seemed reasonable for what was being delivered. At some point he seemed to try and get more money, luckily I didn't go for it


"Iain, I forgot about the monthly cost for the 512 K Internet. As I told you it is $199 per month, however if you want to pre-pay for one year it would be reduced to $2,148 annually, which is a savings of $240. Your option: 1. Satellite equipment & 1 month Internet 2. Satellite equipment & One year Internet Respectfully, Gene Stewart USA 1-970-373-0805 Philippines 63-929-477-1717 "

So far arranged two dates, which have both passed without any subsequent contact or follow up. Phone numbers seem to be off-line now.

Some further updates as Gene continues to promise, but not actually deliver.



I owe a personal apology to you. For the last two and a half weeks I have been out of touch with everybody. I had a personal health problem to deal with which was difficult for me.

Can I please reschedule your installation for April 15th. If you wish to cancel, I understand and will refund your money.



To which I replied, that I could not trust him anymore, and to please refund the money.



This friday I will send you $2,000 via Western Union. As soon as it is sent, I will text you the control number.


Needless to say no money ever got re-funded, and I am now talking to the Philippines NBI about criminal charges.

Watch this space!!!!!!

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