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Need satellite Internet in Nairobi, Kenya

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May 1st, 2008 at 5:29am  
Please quote applicable satellite Internet service subscription (as well as equipment and installation, if available) for a new installation in Nairobi.

Rx: minimum 2500MB per month, possibly up to 4500MB monthly
Tx: minimum 400MB, possibly up to 600MB monthly

Rx CIR: minimum 60-100 Kb/s (committed information rate)

If CIR < 200 Kb/s, I would prefer additional (burstable) BIR to a total of of a least 300 Kb/s or more. Ideally, Rx CIR should be in the range of 200-400 Kb/s. Obviously faster is better, however I see little benefit beyond Rx 640 Kb/s (at least as long as price is an issue - which it is, for me).

TX: Tx is less important as long as it isn't totally unreasonable, however I would prefer an SLA with a clearly defined CIR as well.

CBR: If on-demand constant bit-rate connections ("pseudo-SCPC", with low jitter) are available that would be an added bonus.

Budget: USD three figures range (monthly subscription)

Please specify contention rate (and how it is calculated, including all assumptions), where the hub/NOC is located, the connection from the hub to the public internet (backbone/internet exchange), including contention, and what satellite/transmission technology is used. Preferrably, the hub should have low-latency connections (over the public internet) to Western Europe and/or North America. Please also specify if you offer VOIP services terminated to a gateway in a hub/NOC (ie. where the operator controls the entire VOIP path).

The link will be used for both personal and business use for 1-5 users. I believe my bandwidth need calculations are generous, I do NOT intend to oversaturate the link, and I am fully able to monitor, manage and control my bandwith usage (...and I am not running any public "Internet cafe" type of service, and there will be no file sharing etc).Basic traffic shaping/protocol prioritisation equipment, a local caching nameserver as well as a local caching web proxy are already available. Static public IP adresses preferred (2-6).

Reliability is important, as business use is critical, primarily for http and some https. Other protocols include mainstream internet applications; some email, some ftp, occasionally streaming protocols (voice, video). Sporadically VPN/tunneling applications, however it is not a dealkiller if encrypted transmissions will be slow. For reliability reasons, I would be willing to consider a multi-homed installation with local BGP routing (in this case I will be looking for two subscriptions, using two different satellites and hubs).

My email address is available in my profile (click on my nickname "typist" on the top left of this post). Thank you in advance.
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Reply #1 - May 3rd, 2008 at 2:43pm  

Space Engineering Kenyan Based Company will get you connected ASAP.

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Reply #2 - Jun 13th, 2008 at 7:18pm  
I am Sharjeel and I am Telecommunication Engineer at Global Telecom Services. Our Company provides INTERNET SERVICE THROUGH OUR SATELLITE IN ASIA, NORTH AFRICA, USA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST, CIS and INDIAN SUBCONTINENT. we also provide the following services:

            IDirect services

            Linkstar services


            VOIP Services

            SCPC/DVB services.

            SCPC/SCPC services.

            POINT to POINT services.

            POINT to MULTI POINT service.

For more details on satellite connection  and details about our services
email us at sharjeel@gtsc.ae or sharjeelahadgtsc@hotmail.com
I will provide you instant connection in Nairobi, Kenya. Contact us and we will provide you with the best internet service through our satellite.
Thank You.
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Reply #3 - Jun 14th, 2008 at 7:14pm  

Whats is your number we can call you as we are based in Kenya and discuss  on how we can get you connected  as per your requirements. We will explain to you what contentions will suit your  1-5 users for business and  personal use plus VOIP in it

Kindly contact us on info@space.co.ke or signal@space.co.ke
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